Friday, February 13, 2015

Valentine Box from Recycled Materials

My son needed a Valentine box so I helped him in making this one from recycled materials.  His teacher said to use the bottom part of the shoe box and the students can decorate  it the way they like.  We used old/used gift bags to wrap the box and some of his  old  craft /art work from previous years.  
We also prepared a  treat for his friends/classmates.  Instead of candies, we wrapped some snacks, a pack of juice and  strawberry-flavored pop tarts.  

We used  lunch bags and just decorate it a little bit to put his  greetings and the name of his friends.  I saw some great ideas for Valentine treats on Pinterest but this is what we came up with for our son.  What did you and your kids prepared?

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Unknown said...

That's very creative! I love the box your son made. I also love that you didn't give them candy but something of a healthier option. Very nice!

Chubskulit Rose said...

Thank you Kat. Yep, we get tired of getting candies so we thought of giving other things that it would fill them up.

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