Monday, October 22, 2012

The Right Gift for the Oddball in the Family

There is always the one odd sheep out of the flock – and that is the one we always seem to have a problem finding the right Christmas gift for. This is the “odd duck,” the person who has everything, or likes the unusual gift. This is the person you really need to spend some time thinking about.

When it comes to Christmas gift giving, you want to find something unusual like a special kind of memorabilia like a movie related item or even interesting clothing garment with a fun slogan or saying. Finding the right gift for this special person is not all that hard, you just have to put yourself in their shoes and figure out what this person would think of as being cool, fun and interesting.

The Non-Typical Gadget
Just because your friend or family member appears to have everything he could ever want, doesn’t mean he can’t appreciate an unusual gadget or two. Give him something interesting like the Blabber Meter clock that shows how much money its’ costing your friend to listen to other people’s mindless chatter. If this isn’t your style then maybe you’ll consider a scrolling led light belt buckle or the high tech MP3 sunglasses for your high-tech loving friend.

The Clean Gift
You can always opt for natural soaps, spa creams, moisturizers and scrubs. These always make an acceptable gift, but you can make it even more interesting by adding the natural deodorant stone or the cool De Odor Works product (a stainless steel hourglass-shaped metal that works as a deodorant when used with water). This could be a cool gift, providing your friend or family member doesn’t feel offended by it.

Film and T.V. Memorabilia
This also makes a great gift, especially for the film or T.V. buff. Think of movie posters, signed movie scripts or even fun T-shirts. You might consider something like one of the great Doctor Who Tees, if your friend or family member is a part of the unique Dr. Who T.V. show fan. Dr Who, a famous BBC program first aired in 1963 and later made into a 1996 T.V. film.

Bottom Line
There are actually many appropriate gifts for the person that has it all. But finding the right one requires just a little thought, online research and planning. Often, the right gift for this person won’t come from a regular department store, but instead, from an online boutique or specialty store.

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