Wednesday, October 3, 2012

House Address Plaques

When we first  moved in to this house that we bought 6 years ago,  the mailbox that  the former  owner had has seen better days.   We replaced it with a modern  looking mailbox that we found online.  When I was looking for  the mailbox selection, I also  found different kinds of address plaques  and  house signs.  Mailbox and Beyond has so many selection of mailboxes and posts, personalized cracks, doorbell, outdoor faucets and more.  

Rose Oval Address Plaque
I like their house address plaques selection, the rose oval address plaque stood out for me. I love the design and the price is very affordable and it's perfect  for  us as it has roses! They also carries address signs  that are unique in design and would look beautifully to anyone's home.  MY husband like this Nautical them with an anchor arch design.  

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