Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Candies

The  costumes that I bought for my children has arrived the other day and they can not wait to put them on  on Halloween day.  We will be doing trick or treating  at our neighborhood because our neighbor wants to see the kids in costume and they want to give them some treats and halloween candy .  They told us that  we should let the kids trick or treat our  neighborhood  because they miss the kids.  For the  past years, we always go to my father-in-law's  place and do our trick or treating there but this year, we will do it here first then go to Dad's later on.  

Skull Lollipops 17ct Halloween Candy
Photo isn't mine
Talking about Halloween candies,  check out the selection  at Blair Candy website.  They have these spooky looking kinds of candies that would be fun to hand out  to kids during Halloween day.  I bet the kids would be thrilled to get  one of these  skull shaped pops  that I saw at Blair Candy.  There are so many  tricky treats that you can buy from that online store that would surely give delight to the faces of the treaters at your  porch  on the Halloween day.  Check out the site by visiting the link I have provided in this post.  

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