Thursday, October 16, 2014

Half Crown Hill Orchard

Half Crown Hill Orchard was located  in front of a hill where beautiful houses are.  It was really a nice view.  
 There were different kinds of apples in the orchard.  One particular  apple is priced higher than the rest.  We picked different kind except the expensive ones.  For us, apples are apples especially that they are  newly picked.
I love finding  unique ones like the one above.  There were so many  twin apples that we found like the one below.  
 We picked one peck of apples and paid $14  for it.  It contained 18 apples.  Everything in it are sweet and crunchy!
My brave little pastry chef at home  made us an apple pie and it was delicious!

10 Smart Readers SAID::

nova hedges said...

My family loves apple pie, so the minute that I started to mastered baking that pie I never stops, true they are the same variety, i usually don't pick the pricey one as long as I choose the right one where I is good for apple pie or baking... never tired picking one but hopefully someday.

Jessica Cassidy said...

Our family love going to the orchard too Sis R :-) Look at those delicious apples. It is fun to pick them from the brunch. I am sure that your kids had a blast.

Growing Up Madison said...

We haven't been apple picking this year as yet. Come to think of it we haven't been pumpkin picking either. Seems like we need to get with the program and get on it. Those apples look super delicious and I'm sure they were.

Melissa said...

It's been forever since I've been apple picking! I need to make plans to go soon though since I have been finding tons of delicious sounding apple recipes. Not to mention I do have a jar of cashew butter & Nutella. ;-)

Danielle Harper said...

I absolutely love apples - especially dipping them in caramel. So yummy!

Dave, Amy and Jace said...

I love picking apples. My first year I didn't think that I had that much, but I had $45 worth!!

kat b said...

My family loves apples! My daughter went to an apple orchard for school not that long ago. She said she had a lot of fun. I love picking apples! I'd love to take my daughters this year. Great photos!

Brie S said...

I would love to go picking apples myself. It looks beautiful there and I bet it was very peaceful!

Kristal Deane said...

Those apples sure do look delicious! A bit of a hefty price but they're fresh picked so you can't complain! :)

It's a MOM thing Reviews! said...

This orchard looks beautiful! We love going apple picking and tend to ignore the price since they are so delicious and fresh tasting!

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