Friday, October 31, 2014

HomeGrown Pumpkin

My son has a tendency to collect things including different kinds of seeds.  One of the many seeds that he saved from last year is a pumpkin.  He planted the  pumpkin seed in our backyard and  had some fruits but only one have matured.
We were all very impatient for  the pumpkin to turn  orange but it just got bigger and bigger.  
I wasn't able to turn this pumpkin because I was afraid that it would rot again ju0st like the first one that we turned.
So when we picked it, the  side that was laying on the ground was orange but the rest of it are green.  It weighed 64.2 pounds,  I tried to lift it but couldn't lol.
I found this Cheshire Cat design online and we tried to  carve our pumpkin  using this design.

I was very surprised that the inside of the pumpkin don't really have a lot of  string (not sure what the inside part is called lol).
 I love the inside part, iot looks  a little spooky.
 Using our paring knife, we carved it.
 Carving a huge pumpkin is hard especially that we did not have proper utensils to carve it.
 It did not really tuned out like the Cheshire Cat that we are trying to do but close enough.
 I don't really decorate for Halloween but the kids want something so this is the only thing we have in our front porch.
Have a safe and fun Halloween everyone!

10 Smart Readers SAID::

Ralph said...

That is a very cool pumpkin! Green instead of orange, it has been transformed into a scary, if actually a very nice jack-o-lantern. Good job EJ!

Nova said...

wow!!! that is one huge pumpkin and indeed that design looks great on it too. good job

Gemma Wiseman said...

The pumpkin is an incredible size. A grand job carving a face.

fredamans said...

What a big, beautiful pumpkin! Good job on growing it! Great carving too!

Ruth Kelly said...

I grew some pumpkins like that once that never did turn orange.

Marie said...

That is so cool! We don't have these kind of pumpkins here in PI, right? :)
You guys did a good job with the designs! ^_^

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

That pumpkin is huge! It must have been really exciting, too, carving out that pumpkin for Halloween.

Sheryl said...

that's BIG!!! how was your halloween sis?

Dhemz said...

may green thumb si pogi....ang laki sis ano?! kung sa pinas yan, buong barangay ang kakain!

Unknown said...

He grew a really big pumpkin. Did a great job on the carving too. I don't think I ever saw a green one before.

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