Friday, October 10, 2014


Aside from  my kids, another favorite subject of mine  in photography  are butterflies.  Seeing them fly around  flower to flower  somehow relaxes me and give me that satisfaction if calmness and joy.   I am glad that there are plenty of them this year.  Last year, there's not very many of them that I saw.  Here are some of the  pictures I took this year. Photos were taken  using an iPhone 4S
The last shot was captured by my DSLR.  Such a big difference in the resolution.  I mean, I like using the iPhone because it is handy but I am not satisfied with the resolution of the photos.

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Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I also love to take photos of butterflies but they are always flyng around which makes it hard to photograph them.

Nova said...

i do love butterflies too, they just so gorgeous to have those unique designs on their wings as well as how graciously they fly.

Traveling Morion said...

one of my favorite and challenging photography subject- the butterflies! Thanks for sharing!

Ellen DB said...

Butterflies are so colorful and they are one of the most subject in photography. I guess you really need a lot of patience in shooting one because they are mobile and you might be needing a special lens to capture a close-up and moving object, unlike shooting a landscape or still objects.

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