Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Waste Disposal

Over time, we collected so many boxes from moving from one place to another. Now that hubs is retired and we are not looking forward to moving anywhere, we are starting to get rid of the boxes.
We loaded our truck with so many that could fit in there but we still have a lot.  The schedule of waste disposal is at the last day of working  days and we  are planning to make a trip again next month.
Hubby was confident  where the place is located so he did not use our GPS in going there.  Every time, we go for the first time to a place, we always end up getting lost lol.  We took the wrong exit and drove to a very rough road.
We found it on the other side of the mountain.  Dump sites for garbage here are much cleaner compared to my country.  Before you go to the dump site, you have to check in to this  office where they weigh your vehicle.  If you exceed the  maximum weight limit, you have to pay for it.
Our seller is still full of   original boxes and other stuff and that is our next  task to complete  next time.

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SquirrelQueen said...

Glad you found your way to this spot. We get lost sometimes too when going to a new place.

Unknown said...

tinapon nyo ba ang big stuff animals bading. hehehe kami unti unti dinidispose

Chubskulit Rose said...

Yup, we did bading.. Nagcocollect lang kasi ng dust so we threw it out lol.

purethoughts said...

it's always difficult to get rid of old stuff, some of them we have special attachments with but letting go is the key. haha.. and dumping them in the right place, too!

thanks for joining us again this week sis!

My name is Riet said...

That is a neat place to dump your stuff. Nice and tidy

Jan n Jer said...

Getting lost can be scary but you found your way. Now you know how to get to the dump! It was an adventure for you!

Nancy Janiola said...

Wow, kakaibang dump site, parang pasyalan lang no... :D

Followed your blog sis :)

My entry's here:

Unknown said...

I love the beautiful clouds

""rarejonRez"" said...

Interesting! Indeed, waste disposal here is way different in Philippines!

My share of whites for this week:
The Castle Made of Buttons
Winter Memory
Hope to see you at mine! :)

Georgia said...

glad you guys made it ok!! love the pictures you took though...how does your husband feel about you taking pics all the time for the blog? mine gets annoyed after awhile lol :0)

Dhemz said...

akin na yung malaking stuffed animal...ehehehe..kasama ba yon sa trash?! kidding....:)

Stef said...

A nice way to dispose, right? Sana ganyan din dito. Haha! I moved to a new domain, and HERE is my entry. Hope you can visit and follow me too, thank you!

Cassie said...

It's so funny, but I have a problem getting rid of a "good" box!! Keep thinking there might be a reason I'll need it. hehe. Actually getting easier as I get older. Your hubby looks too young to be retired! Happy SSS & 4th of July Rose.

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