Saturday, May 30, 2015

May Flowers #MayFlowers

Here are some of the blooms I have this month.  My magenta rose is starting to bloom  along side with the cleamtis.  I am planning to plant more of this rose because when they bloom, they are beautiful!
 They are not tich like the other roses that I have but they are equally gorgeous!
 They bloom in bunches and not a single stem so I don't get this for my flower vase inside as   the bunch doesn't bloom altogether.
 My Multiflora Rose is also blooming.   You have to constantly trim this kind of rose because  it grows so quickly and it will  use all the space in your yard.  I keep this baby trimmed all the time.
According to
"This is the rangy, small-leaved shrub with sprays of one-inch white single roses in June. This rose is native to Japan and Korea, but has been used extensively in the U.S. as a "living fence." It wasn't such a great fence, since in our mid-Atlantic states it has become an invasive pest. It's also very prevalent along the Maine coast — beautiful in bloom, but a real problem to contain."
If you love pink roses, this is the rose for you. Itmakes a wonderful hedge, or plant just a few bushes where you want to add color to your landscape.   This grew  so tall last year so I cut it down short  which  explains why there aren't so many blooms this year.  I love its fragrance.

 I have two colors of peonies, thwhite ones with a little shade of red in the middle and the  dark pink ones.  Ants love this flowerm they are outrageously beautiful in bloom .  Theor  lush foliage can last all summer long. An interesting act of this  perennial ism they may live longer than  we do.  It says that it can thrive for 100 years. The plants require little maintenance as long as they are planted properly and establish themselves. 

I used to have different kinds of dianthus but  when I transpalnted them, this is the only color that survived.  
These small blue flowers  are beautiful.  They are called Myosotis scorpioides or forget me not.  I planted this in front of  Virigin Mary statue at our backyard.  I hope to grow mo]re of this.  
 Aren't they gorgeous?
I love clematis, they have variety of colors but Ionly have this pur[ple ones. I love it because they are very easy to take care of and they  grow back every year.

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3 Smart Readers SAID::

Magical Mystical Teacher said...

Your backyard must be very fragrant!

Ralph said...

Beautiful flowers - nature's art that we have waited all Winter for!

Raquel said...

Wow, I love your flowers sis. Summer plants will last for a few weeks or months. What I have at my yard is tulip only. When tulips begin to bloom it would last for two weeks and it started to die and dry.

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