Friday, May 29, 2015

Amazing Bar Tricks That Will Win You Free Drinks All Night

There’s only one thing better than going for a drink and catching up with your friends. And that’s getting all the drinks free! One guaranteed way to ensure you drink for free all night is by teasing everyone with bar tricks. We all love a good magic trick, but it’s even better after two or three drinks! We think you’ve got the skills to blow your friends’ minds with bar trickery. We’ve rounded up the very best bar tricks on the planet to amaze and delight fellow pub-goers.

None of these tricks take too much practise or research. They’re quick and simple and you can execute them in any local bar or even your man cave. The worst that happens is you might spill the drink on yourself! All that’s left to do, is set the wager high and show off your tricks! If you’re lucky, your friends will keep betting against you, and you’ll keep coming out on top. Ready to wow your friends and grab some free drinks? Let’s take a look.

Whiskey and water - This is, by far, our favourite bar trick. Mostly because when you do it, even you’ll be amazed that it works! Start with two shot glass. One filled with water, one with whiskey. You then bet your friends that you can make them switch glasses, without touching the liquid. Naturally, they’ll shout ‘impossible!’ and the bet is on. Simply place a playing card over the water. Pick it up, turn it upside down and place it on top of the whiskey. Slowly remove the card and the whiskey will magically switch places with the water. We don’t know how this works, but it’s amazing!

The bottle and dollar - This trick is cool because your friends actually get to have a go first. Buy a bottle of beer and finish it off. Once it’s empty, turn it upside down and place it on a dollar bill, or any currency note. Tell your friends that you can pull the note out from under the bottle without it falling. You can even offer them to try it! They’ll whip the note, and the bottle will come tumbling down. Now it’s your turn. Just roll the edge of the note into a tube. Keep rolling and the bill will slowly come out from under the bottle. Easy!

Guess the card - It’s a trick as old as time. You offer a fan of cards to your friends and ask them to pick one. Tell them that if you guess correctly, they have to buy you a drink. They won’t be able to resist the wager, and you’re on! Naturally, you guess the card right, and you get a free drink. To pull it off, you will need a magic card set, specifically for bar tricks. But, it will quickly pay for itself after a few rounds!

Take these tricks with you next time you go to the pub and amaze your friends. You’ll go home having barely spent a penny.

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