Sunday, November 2, 2014

Walking as An Exercise

Walking is great form of exercise.  I started my  regular walking outdoors when my husband started his 4/10 schedule at work.  4/10 means that he only work 4 days in a week but for ten hours each day.  It has advantages and disadvantages tot it but I like it.  Advantages includes, he can no longer  wait for the kids to go to school as he goes to work very early.  He wakes up at 4:30 and leave for work at 5:30.  So when the kids wakes up, their Dad is already at work.  It is also advantageous because he stays longer than normal at work.  I feel bad for him  but I think that he is getting used to it and we are getting used to it as well.
It is advantageous because I get to walk my kids everyday to school and it gives me the opportunity to go for my morning walk after  dropping them off from school.   I also  started attending the  morning masses before going on for my walk which is a lot better.   
Walking is a great form of exercise.  I felt so good that I was able to  finish last month of walking almost everyday of the weekdays.  It is also a great opportunity for taking  pictures.  Sort of documenting my fitness routine.
I always bring my phone with me. Reasons being for emergency purposes and also for entertainment (listening to music and  photography).
My kids are used to walking now.  Before they would complain a little bit but now, they loved walking with me.
I love it when I walk by my daughter's classroom and  they would wave at me.  
I love that I did not  miss the beauty of the Fall.  Our neighborhood has some beautiful  maple and oak trees that looks absolutely gorgeous during Fall season.
I love walking at the back of Madonna High school and look down the   football field.  Sometimes, there are deer in there and sometimes a flock of  turkey.
As a stay-at-home-mom, I learned how to use my time wisely.  Fitness is one of my  priorities while my kids are at school.  I want to show to them that fitness is one great aspect of life that needs to be priorotized.  
I love the fact that my husband is okay that I should stay at home  for now that my kids are still  little and need  my utmost attention.  I don't really want to miss this opportunity with them.  
We might not have the grandest house or expensive things but  we have what is mo]st important, the love of family.
Sometimes, it makes me think and question if I am doing the right thing of not using my time to find a job so I can contribute to our finances but  when my husband is telling me that we are doing okay with me staying at home, it makes me feel  comfortable.  
Hubby works from Mondays to Thursdays so Fridays becomes our alone-time.  We  walk our kids to school,  attends mass after dropping them off, and we go for a walk.  
November would be an indoor  fitness for me I assume.  The weather is getting colder and I am not sure if I could still endure it.  I will try though.
I hope that you enjoy my walking journey through the photos.

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Unknown said...

If I would be able to walk under those sceneries - I'd probably want to walk all the time!

Peachy @ The Peach Kitchen said...

I love these early morning photos you took! Your walk seemed so serene

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