Wednesday, November 19, 2014

The Other Woman

Don't be fooled by my title, there is no other woman in my husband's life lol.  Let me just clarify what this post is all about.  Well, let me start by today's event in school.  Today was my son's class saint day so hubby took a day off so we could both attend the mass and  watch his participation  as a reader in the mass.  
I am glad that I was able to do my house cleaning  and laundry yesterday.  Lucky are those  rich people who could afford the services of the other woman house cleaning as they don't have to do it.  However, as a stay at home Mom, it is my pleasure   to do it  for my family.

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Eileen said...

You scared me to death with your title! Haha. Anyway, I share your sentiment. Sometimes, I wish I was filthy rich so that I could have someone to do the housework for me. Full time job+household chores are really taking a toll on my health.

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