Thursday, February 18, 2010

Getting Longer and Bigger

After I shoveled the snow at our drive way this morning, I decided to removed some of the icicles that are getting so long because I am worried that it will damage the gutter of our house. These photos were taken the day after the first snow storm and they got bigger and longer.
I hope that this will end soon. I feel bad for those who got hit hard and lost their electric. Imagine how agonizing is that especially if you have little kids.
How is the weather at your side of the world?

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k said...

wow...i still love our weather here...the sun is soooo hot.

xinex said...

Iam inFL to welcome my brand new grandson and I am enjoying the sunny weather.It looks so cold there!...Christine

nuts said...

its almost summer here in manila, i can feel the heat of the sun already.. and wow, it's extremely cold in there.

btw, i added your blogs in my blogroll in my new home..

nice A said...

Climate change, that is. It's soooo hot here in Bangkok. The world has lots of environmental problems to suffer now(:

Auntie E said...

Here in Maryland starting to dig out, we got 50+ inches in one week! My daughter love to get those icicles and suck on them.
something her dad did up in Erie, PA area as a kid.

nuts said...

btw, i grabbed your badge and added to my button's too..

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Hi dear friend Joops! Hope you have a lovely Valentine's Day with Rose of course :):)!♥♥!

Mel Alarilla said...

Wow, the icicles are indeed longer and sharper. You can remove them because they pose imminent danger to everyone including your kids and your dog. You are having a very cold weather up there and we are experiencing the advent of El Nino here in the Philippines and it has already caused considerable drought that destroyed so much agricultural crops and is threatening us with widespread brownouts because of lack of water to run the water turbines of electrical generators. We might have rotating two hour brownouts twice a day until rainy season if there is no rainfall soon. Funny how we have opposite problems at both ends of the earth. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.

gossip chick said...

I guess we have the same amount of snow. Me too how wish this would come to an end.

Ailee Verzosa said...

hello:D advance happy valentines day to you and to your loved ones!!!!

check out my new post:

Be happy:D

kikamz said...

brrr.. i can feel the blistering cold! it is so cold out here too kuya joops! it's been snowing for like three days straight! btw, happy valentine's day to you and ate rose and the kids! hugs to all!

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