Tuesday, October 6, 2009

A Walk to Remember

When I came home last Friday, we decided to go for a walk at the new constructed road at the cove hill. My legs was painful the day after our walk, the steep hill was hard when you are pushing a stroller with two toddlers. But it was a very nice walk, a walk that I would always remember. While the weather still permit us, we want to enjoy Korea before we leave in December.
I thought my wife was tired because she was left behind but she was actually taking photos.

It feels great to reach the top of the hill.
Do you notice the sign of the cross at the sides of the sun's reflection? God is with us while we were enjoying His creation.
I will be missing this place for sure when we leave.
EJ was eating his banana while the mosquitoes are feasting on him lol..
It's very nice to go for a walk with your family all the time, a very close family bonding especially for the kids.
My wife volunteered to push on the way down lol..

The equipments and machines that the CB's used to build the road.

You can also see the view from the town.

Thanks for dropping and may God bless you always!

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riablahgs said...

Nice to see happy faces here Joops. What great view too!

Margaret Cloud said...

Very nice post and I enjoyed the pictures a usual and enjoyed seeing your family out and about. God bless you also.

Unknown said...

Thats a good exercise Sir John. Just ask Rose to give your feet a rub hehehe. And that to her shes taking whole bunch of pics to share to us.

Lindz said...

looks like a nice walk and walking is good for ya, it's the pushing of stroller that's killing us lol been there done that... at the age of two my boy dont wanna be sitting in the stroller anymore but he would complain if we go for a long steep road walk like that,

Dhemz said...

waaaaa....it was indeed a walk to remember....love the photos john....:)

wifey is really good in taking photos....:)

Willie a.k.a Reptoz said...

Oh..you are in Korea now?

Clarissa said...

I just love to see beautiful views there at Korea!!Great way of getting into fitness,Sir John!!^_^

kat said...

wow..great shots..i love the photos..oh am sure you will miss that beautiful place...

Have a great day everybody.

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Happy moments in a beautiful environment!

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Happy moments in a beautiful environment!

nuts said...

Nice family bonding. I always enjoy seeing photos of your family even for a simple walk. Now I know that Korea is such a beautiful country too.

Chris said...

wow! great place to go for a walk.. :D

Thanks for dropping by Inspirational Insights

I will officially be adding this site to my blog roll :D

lina@happy family said...

I like to see the pictures... What a happy family!

Unknown said...

I enjoy looking at your photos. And having such a wonderful time with your family is a good thing. ;D

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April said...

Oh hi there! This is the most important for me having enough time to be with my family. And this is the best thing to do with family, to enjoy the beauty of nature with them. ;D Have fun! ;D

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imelda said...

hi guys, i set up a donation button in my site for the typhoon victims in the philippines, pls donate any amount so we can buy mats, blankets and food

Reanaclaire said...

wow..what a nice blog u have over here.. i love the layout.. and of course the scenery on the new constructed road..

Anonymous said...

nice pictures here hmmm, thanks for dropping by and for the lovely comment

Ciela said...

Hey John, you said you're gonna miss that place. I think me too, coz I have truly enjoyed each and every places you have shown in your photos. It's like I am there with you and with your family in every corner you went to.

Thanks for all those picturesque places you have shares with us.

-Tita Beng

PinayWAHM said...

What a great way to spend with family. I wish we could do that here in FL this time of year...well, maybe a little later in the season. It's way too hot to be walking here now.

What a great view you have out there.

Thanks for the visit Joops...have a lovely week.

Miss J

haid'z said...

very nice place!!! i wish i could be there someday... a walk to remember reminds me also the movie of mandy moore that makes me cry... hahahah

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