Saturday, October 17, 2009

Our Weekend Memoirs

Hey there folks, how is your weekend going? Our weekend was so smooth and relaxing. We went to our favorite lake and fed the fishes, then did our nature strolling for the day.

Exploring the beautiful plants.

Watching the bees feasting on the flower's nectar..

The Mommy should have a pose with the angels too!

A pose with the Koreans.

Taking photos while resting.

Trying to mingle with the Korean folks.

Our two little ones were so amazed by this leaping frog.

Watching the playful fish!

"Come on Dad, you'll miss it" they said.

Running and having fun!

Even if the water level is low, it's still gorgeous!

Here's the fun part, we all love this tree because its huge.

Our daughter wanted a picture with her Mom..
My always jolly wife!

I chose a different tree to climb mainly because I had to try it too!

So here I go..

I was actually higher up than it am I supposed to get down now? hehehe..

Love the reflection of the grass on the calm water.

My daughter going down to her favorite pond.

The Koreans having picnic.

They love throwing rocks in the water..

Especially EJ, he always has fun doing it.
"Look there's a dragon fly Ate" yelled EJ.
Hope this smile will make your weekend happy!

Have a great day everyone!

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Al said...

Hi John, I can see the happiness in your kids, quality time for the kids is a must. You're kids are blessed to have a wonderful Dad and Mom like you. Welcome to OWM and thanks for the visit.


MsRay said...

Beautiful day.. beautiful place..being with your loved ones. That's a PERFECT weekend!

Ebie said...

Happy times and fun times are always spent with the family and friends. Your three angels are all smiles and so lovely!

Watch out for the bees!

Thanks for coming and joining us here at OWM. I am one of the hosts of this meme. I am headed over to your wife's blog.

Ebie's main blog is here.

Dhemz said...

what a happy times all the photos...thanks for sharing John....:)

Chris said...

very happy family bonding!!! :D

Unknown said...

wonderful photos! i'm sure your kids are still talking about this trip.:P

Kero said...

I just voted for your pretty daughter!

the place looks wonderful! and those shots showed everybody had a grand time :)

☆Mama Ko☆ said...

I really love your family guys, always have time for bonding and nature tripping. i love all the pics, thanks for sharing john.

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

It always makes my day to start it by viewing photos of your family. I love the wonderful expressions in your faces as you go through your bonding moments. The smiles are all so genuinely affectionate and warm. Keep these wonderful moments in your heart and mind. They will keep you in good stead in times of trials and troubles in the future. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

Anonymous said...

You are blessed with beautiful and adorable kids!

Ciela said...

Happiness for the kids and for the Dad and the Mom. That's what all your photo depicts.

Btw, Should I go on clicking to vote for Rye everyday? There's a new notice of only one vote for the whole month. How's that?

Hsave a great day always!

Clarissa said...

What a lovely photos!!I'm sure the kids had a lotta fun out there!!Great family bonding,Sir John!!

btw,I just voted Rylie--good luck to her!!I hope she'll win^_^

Unknown said...

hi, thanks for the visit. your daughter has a a great smile. i have already voted for her. God bless!

Unknown said...

That's awesome! I enjoy staring at your photos. ;D You really made me smile looking at your kids photos. You really had fun on your weekend. ;D

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April said...

Hi there John! You made my day complete by seeing that wonderful place ever. ;D Thanks a lot, have a good day. ;D

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diane b said...

A lovely family weekend. Your kids are cute.I gave her smile a vote.

Gorgeous MUM said...

Another beautiful day-out! Surely your kids will grow up to be a fun happy and loving children! Nothing beats family time outdoors!

So you will be leaving Korea soon? Back to the US?

Gorgeous MUM said...

Btw, just voted for your pretty princess!

ruby said...

lovely photos of your family!!!

christine said...

i love your photos! the kids are soooo adorable! God bless your family always! :)

JP said...

Great pictures, John. Hope you had wonderful weekend with your family. Keep going...

Chris said...

happy happy times indeed! btw, i hope you can add me to your blog roll :D and :)

me said...

now I am really convinced that this park is your family's fave hangout place specially during weekends..

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