Sunday, October 18, 2009

Local Market and Send Off Party

Happy weekend everyone! What are you guys up to? It is time for the OWM entry again and if you are into having fun, join us and show us what you have been doing during weekends, just click the badge below.
We went to the local market because my wife was craving for the sweet potato that is grown and produce just like in the Philippines. She does not like the sweet potatoes that are available in the commisary.
She bought some desserts.

Here's the place where she bought it.
See how beautiful Koreans arranged their fruits, pretty artistic eh?

Then we attended the send off party for the JBL band at the Pavilion. We brought some fruit salad and others brought some Filipino foods. Here's my wife with other women.

The kids had a grand time playing.

Smokey barbecue..
Here's the band saying bon appetit!

I would like to take this opportunity to invite all of you to please vote for my daughter. 

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Willa said...

I guess being away from the Philippines is not really that hard for Rose just to think that Korea is still in Asia, but of course, there's no place like home. :)
Thanks for visiting my OWM entry, and btw, I already cast my vote for today for your li'l princess, Rylie. :)

Ebie said...

Sweet potatoes are good, and they are healthy too! Honestly, I cannot tell the difference.

I have voted for your little princess, and we are going strong!

Thanks for sharing your photos here at OWM!

JP said...

Yes, Sweet potatoes are good and healthy. I too like it.

Hope you had a great time this weekend.

David said...

i also like our potatoes in the Phils compared to what we have here... the ones here are somewhat watery

(signed with hubby's account)

Inday said...

I love sweet potatoes too! Anyway, it's nice to know hubbies who are supportive to their wives.

Anchor Aweigh!

(I'm a Meatcan and Canteen Cup Daughter so I know a bit the life of those who "Now you see it Now you don't!"

Okay, you have my vote for your Smiley girly! I used to have little smiling girls. They're grown up now!

Pacey said...

Oh, the sweet potatoes are typical snack in the Philippines and I love them too. Hope she had fun time with them (friends) and of course, you have my vote for that beautiful smile.

Moms Place said...

off topic..

Rye is on the 2nd place now...wweeewww..horray!!!


Asks Rose what's hala bira..haha. im just happy here for Rye. we will make it on the top..go go go smile Rye..haha

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