Sunday, May 9, 2021

Electric, Boiler, and a 🔥!

This home renovation is causing me a lot of stress!!!  One major downside of buying an old house is you’re going to have to upgrade or replaced a lot of things that are slowly breaking down or getting so ancient looking.   So far this is the biggest renovation we are undertaking so it’s not only costly but also taking soooo long to get done.

So while the kitchen Reno is going on, my husband decided to have an electrician replaced the old box that we have in this house.   The project manager that is doing our kitchen knew someone that could replace it on a budget so we hired him so our box won’t be older than my husband (this was built in 1968 and hubby was born in 69).
 We also had Austin Heating Company came to check on our boiler as it stop heating upstairs.  This company has been working on this since January and here comes May and they’re still not done.   I don’t know what the hell is going on but I told my husband we might get shocked by a huge bill that this guys are gonna send us.

But anyway, back to the electric box that was installed.   The electrician worked on it for two days and during those days, our electric was shut off.   He turned the power back on on the first night although it wasn’t finish yet just so we will have lights.   The next day, he finished the wiring and turn back the power on.   He forgot what the project manager told him of not turning on the breaker for the stove as he hooked it up already.  It would’ve a problem though but for some reason one of the knobs of the stove was on and it caught the cardboard and drop cloth they put on top of it on fire.   It was a mess and scary.

I’m just glad that when it happened, my husband was at home already.  I was outside doing some gardening and he was waiting at the basement waiting for the guy to come back as he left to pick up his check after he turned everything back on.  He came out with the burning cardboard and told me to help him put out the fire on the cloth.  Our whole first floor was filled with smoke, I was scared as heck.   My husband did training as a firefighter so he knew what to do.  If I was the only one there. I would have panicked!   Both of my kids were taking a nap that time so they’re the ones I thought of first when I saw the fire.   

I wasn’t able to sleep that night thinking about it.  The reality have sunk in and the fear set in on me.   Although there wasn’t much damage to it, I was bummed out because now my house smells like burned inside ugh.  The kitchen is not even finished yet and it almost got burned down, whew!

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