Friday, March 11, 2022

Captured Blooms from the Garden in 2021

Spring will roll around the corner, yet again, my plans of catching up with my posting is so behind.  But hey, it's better late than never so here it goes.  Here are some of the photos in my garden that I took last year. 
This is a bitter melon flower.  I love capturing the little critters that enjoys the flowers.  I am not sure what it is but whatever they are, they sure want something from the flower.
Here's a bitter melon fruit.  We call this ampalaya in the Philippines.
This is a long gourd or locally known in the Philippines as upo.  Depending on where you are, this veggie is called  different names.  In Italy, this is known as cucuzza squash.  It is called bottle gourd here in the States because of its elongated shape. The plant has the scientific name Lagenaria siceraria. 
Tomatoes are one of my fast growers in the garden.  I grow a lot of them every year and make our own sauce.
This dill flower smells so good.  I still yet to research if I can use it in cooking because it's so fragrant.
The swiss chard that I planted did not die in the winter but it went to seeds early summer.  I let it bolt so I could harvest the seeds and replant again.  Our rabbits love it.  
This flower is similar to  okra.  I forgot what this is called 
This is the radish flower.
This is a white and purple larkspur.
My concord grapes has a lot of fruits last year but I got sick and the chipmunk ate them all.  I am guessing he was the culprit because he's the only one I saw  running around that area.
This is part of the wild flowers that I spread out in the garden.
Sweet potato tops.  This is so good to make fish soup.  I miss the dish that my dad used to cook, we call it cocido.
This is new zealand spinach.
 I started some strawberry plants last year.  I am hoping that it will come back this year.

Wild wandering jew.
Some wild daisy.
This cosmos has beautiful flowers.
My peach tree had a lot of fruit but it got infected with some kind of disease.
I hope I could spray it with some organic spray to protect the fruit.
I bought a bag of wild flower seeds and spread it at the side of our driveway.  I want it to look like a mini meadow with different flowers.  Some did well but most are small.  I have a lot of marigold seeds so I planted along the side of the driveway to deter some deer from eating the roses but they still ate it anyway lol.
Here are some of the flowers that was part of the wild flower seed mix.
This one is queen ann's lace.
I planted different kinds of roses when it went on sale at Walmart.
I think this is radish as well.
Sitaw or long beans.
This coral bells is so pretty.
Butterfly bushes.
This purslane is edible.
This is the calla lily that I bought and thought it died but I put it on the ground and it grew.  It didn't bloom though but I'm still happy that it grew.
This is the dahlia that I bought at Menard's in Wheeling.
This is just part of the photos I took of our garden last year.  I'll post some more next time.

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