Sunday, March 27, 2022

Demolition of our Old Kitchen

 I took photos of our old kitchen before the demolition started last year.  It looks completely different now that the wall separating the kitchen and the dining room was removed.  Our kitchen looks a lot bigger now although we lost some cabinet storage.  

I have to admit that these old cabinet are very sturdy compared to the new cabinets that they used in our new kitchen.  If it wasn't for the layout that we do not like, I would just keep these cabinet, but hubby thinks that we should just do it all including the floors.  We had the floor replaced with new ones before we moved in in this house 5 years ago but we didn't like the materials that Empire Today used so we decided to replaced it again to match the new kitchen.
The thing about renovation is the hidden issues you will encounter especially with old houses like we have.  When they uncovered this part of the cabinet, the contractor noticed that the pipes of the plumbing are sticking out so they had to replace it with new ones.
When having a renovation projects, there will always be delays.  There were few times when the workers can't show up because they are sick or had emergencies.  There was a time also when the material they need did not arrive so they have to wait, hence, caused another delays.
With the kitchen renovation going on, we had to buy a portable stove so we could cook our food down the basement.   The unbearable part for me was the dust that was floating around.  Even though we were cleaning everyday, the dust is too much.  
I was debating whether or not to agree with my husband on having the floor replaced because we  spent  over 5 grand on that when we had it done five years ago but I eventually said yes since they agreed to do the whole floor for a reasonable price.  
To make up for the lost  cabinet space  from the wall  that was removed, they had to use this part of the kitchen to  put a full cabinetry.
The project was done in 14 weeks.  It went a little over  than what they have predicted but we were so glad when it was finally finished.   Here's our new kitchen after the renovation.  

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