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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Best Kept Secrets About Gardening

Ah, gardening. One of the most therapeutic activities known to mankind. What could be better than sitting in a garden you’ve lovingly crafted? Getting intimate with nature is the one remedy for both depression and stress that always helps.

Our bodies are wired to respond to nature in healthy, positive ways, so the more time you are able to invest in your garden, the better. But are you really making the most of your garden? Do you know all the handy tips and tricks to make your time in the garden more fruitful? (Pun absolutely intended)

Are you hoping to keep a vegetable patch or greenhouse one day? Then look no further as we dissect the best-kept gardening secrets you can use to really make your green space flourish.

Foil can work as a pest control agent.

It’s true. Insects are repelled by aluminium foil, leading to fewer chomp marks on your precious flowers.

Salt water kills weeds.

This can save you hours of time on your hands and knees pulling up weeds at the root. Instead, accurately pouring a salt water solution on it will kill them outright. If you enjoy weed-pulling though, don’t let us get in the way of an excuse to get in your garden!

You can grow from cuttings.

It’s not always understood that you might not need seeds to grow a flower. Sometimes, you can grow from the cuttings. This can sometimes result in accelerated growth, and sometimes they could even bear fruit! Just be sure to take care of that which sprouts, and remember, results may vary.

Collecting rainwater can have positive environmental effects.

Instead of using the hose or tap, why not collect rain water using drainage pipes and buckets in order to lower your environmental footprints? If you’re cultivating a garden you’re surely in love with the environment, so why not keep this attitude in every avenue of your garden development?

All manner of kitchen waste can be used as fertilizer.

Everyone who maintains a garden knows about how well eggshells can work to fertilize your soil, but did you know that coffee grounds and banana skins can be used for a variety of purposes? Banana peels can help with your rose beds. Just be sure you don’t drop any on the pathway to prevent you falling over like a cartoon character.

Storage space can be used for allotments.

Allotments are the best way to keep a garden if you don’t own one yourself, sometimes finding storage space for your materials can be important, especially if you want to use speciality tools, or having somewhere to house your pots. Using a service like MyBelkins ( can be handy here.

Keeping a garden is probably the ultimate labour of love, but like most disciplines, the bulk of enjoyment is not to be found in what you create, but how you create it. The journey is more important than the destination, and what metaphor for that proverb could be as present as it is in gardening?

Keep these simple tricks to mind when planning the next exploits of your green thumb, and you never know, your garden could be even more beautiful than you intended.

20 Smart Readers SAID::

Mai said...

You're already an expert sis on gardening, my idol! :) I love gardening, too, but I just can't seem to make the time to fully engage in it.

Stacie @ Divine Lifestyle said...

Great tips for anyone looking to garden. We compost almost everything for our garden, and we also have a rain barrel for watering.

Tamara Camera said...

My husband is an incredible gardener and I get frustrated too easily to be as good as he is. I love the tip about foil. Thank you for that! We have a ton of pests.

Fashion Beyond Forty said...

Love this article! I agree 100% about the therapeutic value of gardening and getting in touch with nature!

Karlyn Cruz said...

What a beautiful idea! You made me realized how gardening relieves my stress. Thank you!It really helps.

Rebecca Swenor said...

These are all great tips for a garden. I didn't about the salt water getting rid of the weeds which is amazing and the tin foil repelling insects. Thanks for sharing these awesome tips.

Victoria Heckstall said...

Great Tips for gardening. Thanks for sharing this information. It makes me feel good.

Dogvills said...

These are great gardening tips. This is the first time I heard about the salt water trick.

Michelle Waller said...

I wish I could manage a garden like you. It seems like everything I try to grow, dies.

Kathy BP said...

I love gardening, but hate the weeds. Since we just moved over the fall, we have the perfect place for a garden now. We can't wait to get it started soon.

Ada said...

Gardening is such a great hobby, it is so rewarding when you see everything grow!

Christy Garrett said...

My grandpa and my mom used to have a garden when I was growing up. I loved getting all of the fresh vegetables. I tried growing some tomatoes in a pot but that wasn't very successful. I think I put way too many seeds in one pot.

Jennifer G said...

I love to garden so much. I am so glad that it's that time of year again and I can figure out what I am planting this year. These are some GREAT tips. Thanks!

CourtneyLynne said...

Oooo so many helpful tips here!!! I suck when it comes to gardening so I need all the help I can get!

S. Graham said...

I have done gardening for so many years. I didn't know about most of these tips! That's so cool!

Lynndee said...

Gardening season is here and I couldn't be more excited. I only have a flower garden though and no vegetable garden because I'm afraid of worms. :)

hippie_mom said...

I completely agree about gardening being therapeutic. It really lifts my spirits. We are big on gardening.

Ricci Ellis said...

I am not a huge gardening fan but I know several people who destress that way. I'm glad you and your family love it!!

Kiwi said...

I dont have a green thumb at this point but I would love to. These are amazing tips and I am inspired to grow a garden one day!

MidgetMomma said...

Thanks for the tips! i have tried so many times but I always kill my garden :(

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