Monday, April 10, 2017

Preventing Mold and Mildew from Overtaking Your Home

Fungus thrives in the warm and moist conditions typically left behind by a flood.  When the flood occurs in your home, you only have hours to spare before black mold and mildew begin to grow in your flooring, in the walls, and elsewhere in your house.  Because of the dangers that fungal infestations pose to you and your family, you may not want to attempt to clean up the mess by yourself.  You can get your home back in safe and sanitary condition by hiring contractors trained in disaster cleanup, flood restoration, mildew elimination, and other services for this job.

The Dangers of Fungal Infestations

You may be unfamiliar with the dangers that mold and mildew can present to you, your loved ones, and your home.  Mold and mildew spores enter your home through the air vents, windows, and doors, looking for the perfect conditions in which to grow and thrive.  They typically invade areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and utility room where conditions are often damp and humid.

However, they also will quickly invade your home after a water disaster, such as when your pipes burst, your water main or sewer backs up into your house, or your roof collapses after a heavy rainstorm.  You may think that once you get all of the water out of your home that the fungus will stop growing.  However, the spores take root inside the walls, along the floorboards, and under the carpeting where they progressively grow and spread.

Once they start growing, the fungi can negatively impact your health, causing skin rashes, allergies, respiratory issues, and other reactions.  Black mold is especially dangerous to the elderly and young children.  Because of how quickly it and other fungi spread, you may be unable to contain and eliminate it yourself.  You can get rid of it entirely by hiring professionals who are trained in this type of disaster response.

Emergency Services

You never know when a water emergency will occur.  When your home floods during the middle of the night or your pipes burst on a holiday or weekend, you can still get the help you need immediately.  The company offers around-the-clock emergency services.  You can get fast help without having to wait until the next business day to call.

Mold and mildew thrive in wet conditions.  You can protect your home by trusting water cleanup to professional contractors.

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