Friday, April 7, 2017

Dried Roses

As much as I love  looking at what the Guitar Center has, studio speakers at a great price! I am  disappointed that it is  snowing here at  my neck of the woods.  The plant are just starting to grow and this would kill  it or affect the growth.  My indoor plants  badly need  some sunlight but I am glad I didn't put them outside yet.  The cold weather would have  easily killed them.  
 I love this basket planter that  my husband's company sent us during his Dad's passing.  The plants are so green and really doing well.  I thought that  it would die  but it didn't.
 I hope that this plant live for a long time.
I  dried the roses and preserved them as remembrance of him.
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Nova said...

Love those plants, Mother Nature is truly unpredictable, I put away all our winter coat thinking it will never be around 30F's and today it is back.

Jessica Cassidy said...

The rose is so pretty Sis Rose. How did you preserved it?

Ria C said...

I am sorry to hear about your FIL's passing sis. I know how much you love his like your own dad. My prayers go out to your family and for the repose of His soul.

It's a lovely homage to dry out the flowers. It's a nice reminder of a well-loved man.

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