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Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gardening on Mother's Day

My husband and kids asked me what I wanted for Mother's day, I told them that I have  everything that I need.  They insisted to get me something so I told them to just get me some rose bushes and other plants I could plant in the new house, so that's what I got.
The former owner   has lava rocks in  the  garden bed so we removed it  so we can plant some flowers in it.  I will be  using it for something else  later  but for now, I put   it in the garbage  cans,  
We planted the rose bushes and other flowers after we cleaned  out the  garden bed.
Then we laid out the  weed control sheet  before putting the mulch.
This is the first MOther's day where we spent in the garden and I love it!
We recruited Daddy to dig some holes for us.  So this gardening project is memorable because it was our first MOther's day spent in the new house although we haven't live there yet.  All of us  can look back and sayt, we did this in MOther's day 2016!
The front of the house looks  alive now because it has   plants.  We ended up having a great time together doing the  gardening.
Hubby and I are planning to put  a fence sometime to  keep the dogs from running away.  That would be another project for us to do in the future in our   new home.  

3 Smart Readers SAID::

Elizabeth O. said...

I love gardening, this is a great choice! It's so nice to see all of you spending time together. Happy Mother's Day!

Maria Teresa Figuerres said...

What a meaningful way to spend Mother's Day, beautifying your home sweet home with your loving and supportive family.

nova hedges said...

That's one great way to spend mother's day with your children. they helped you with your gardening and because there are many, the job is finished earlier than expected.

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