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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Painting Walls #DIYhomeImprovements

Buying an old home has it's own pros and cons.  The house that we bought hasn't been updated for 15 years according to it's  assessment/appraisal report so pretty much everything in it  have seen better days.  That's why we decided to upgrade the wood floors and  removed the  old  linoleum types of flooring s in  the family room, kitchen and hallways in the first floor.  I  wasn't planning on painting walls yet until we moved in but all of that changed when  the  flooring company whom we hired to do the tile work in the floor  have delayed  for few  weeks.  So we decided to give the house a fresh coat of paint.  We went to Sherwin Williams and bought our  paint there and avail their sale.  Their paints are a lot  expensive even with sale prices.  
The kids picked  and decided   the colors to paint their own bedrooms.  My daughter chose  French  light grey to paint her room and my son chose bluebell for his room.   Hubby and I decided to paint our master bedroom with  sea salt color. I also chose marshmallow white for the rest of the  house.
Even though I was concern with the cost, I am glad we  painted  before we moved because it looks a lot better with fresh coat of paints.  We still have a few to paint like the ceiling and the  main bath but those will be our future projects to do.
What I love about this store is,  the associates really knows their job so well.  They were so helpful to us as well.
You can never go wrong going with them, I just wish they are not so expensive.  Then again, you get what you pay for so I am not complaining.
We will wait till they have another major sale before we buy the  paint that we need for the remaining rooms that we weren't able to do.
To make  our kitchen look spacious, we  painted it  marshmallow white to match the  tiles that we used on the flooring.  Our kids love to help so we put them to work lol.
It's nice when your kids are involved in doing projects like this.  It makes the memories  so memorable.
Our daughter is such a hard worker.  She painted with me for so many days.
Hubby and I helped her paint her room.  I like the previous white walls on her room but  since the color  the she chose for her bedding  are so bright,  the french grey was a great choice.
Her room has a very big window so it looks bright in there  even on night time as the street light shines so bright.
My son's room looks very relaxing although the color makes the room look smaller.
My 9 and 10 year old little  helpers in painting did   a great job!
I am so glad that they were off the school when we  started working on the house.  It was hard concentrating  on doing our projects when they  were still in school because we can only work for .few house and then stop as they have activities and other  stuff.
My daughter is very interested in  interior designing. So she decided to put some artsy design in her walk-in closet.  She used  a lot of  painters tape to do this project but she did it alone without our help.
This design goes with the geometric design of her bedding.
We are still unpacking as of this moment so everything is still in disarray lol.  I need more time to put everything in place but I will get there.
It's amazing how much stuff you collect over the years. In our 13 years of marriage, we have so many stuff. You never knew what you have till you move to another place, whew!

Friday, July 1, 2016

Keeping it Cool with Ozeri Tower Fans While Organizing at the New Home

I am welcoming the first day of July with open mind and fresh start at our new home.  We have moved in finally and it has been  very busy.  We were supposed to  move early in June but because of the  delay in the flooring  project, it pushed us to the very last week to finally be able to move in.  It was chaotic too because, on the week that we are scheduled to move, I was here  painting walls  just because I needed to be here since someone is working on our floors so I thought mind as well knock out the painting project.  Mind you, I finished  most of it with the exception of the main bath  and that's because there were  furniture inside it and I couldn't get in there before.  That being said, I did not have time to pack everything as I was here dealing with our floor dilemma.  
But anyway, I have been unpacking for  five days now and it seems like it's never gonna end.  There's boxes still laying everywhere.  It's crazy how much you have collected over the years and you never know  it until you move! The living room is  clear with boxes now so it is looking like a home although I haven't finish decorating in it.
 Our big entertainment center  was perfect in the big living room on this house.  The corner pieces of   the living room furniture is supposed to be attached to the rest of the entertainment center but I decided to separate them and put  them in the corners.
 Adjacent to the living room is the family room and it is still full of boxes there.  I only organized the books in the book shelves and decorated the  fireplace a little bit but other than that, it is still  a mess.
As I have mentioned  before, this house has no centralized air conditioning so imagine how hot it is right now that summer is in full swing.  We purchased another  unit of window AC for our bedroom and we installed the two ACs that the former owner  left for us at  the children's individual  bedrooms.  So while the upstairs is cool and comfortable, the downstairs is not!  Luckily,  I have awesome   tower fans from Ozeri that we can use.  These fans are  great to have as the  wind that blows out  is very cool it feels as almost we have an AC unit in the living room as the fans oscillates quietly.  It makes  it comfortable for the kids to hangout there and  watch TV.  You can get this fan at 
Amazon at a discounted price with free shipping.
I finally opened the  kitchen products I got from Joseph Joseph, the dish rack and the chopping boards.  Although I love them because they are  space savers, I kinda miss  the big  dish rack that I had  at our old home as it holds a lot of dishes.  I wash dishers manually pretty regularly so our dish rack is always full.  Our plates are  thicker so it is kind of a little tighter on this dish rack but I am glad that the it is well made as it holds  the plates' weight pretty good.
The kitchen is also coming along.  I have organized most of the  kitchen wares and stuff on the shelves.  We have more cabinet space  here than I anticipated but maybe because half of our  kitchen  stuff are still on the other house.
We will rent a truck again this weekend to move  everything out so we could list the house in the market.  I dedicated my day yesterday cleaning walls and  cleaning the carpets over at the other house.  When we bought that house, everything is dirty so I had to clean and clean and now that we are selling it, I want to leave it clean so the new owners  don't have to do as much cleaning as I did before.  
The oven on this house is  old style, you know the kind that is built-in the cabinets?  It is  fairly small and my daughter is protesting because she is the baker in our family lol.  Anyway, I cleaned it up and it's ready to use.
My spices corner is also organized and I love the cool-looking knives and   holder from Ozeri, it is sleek and stylish.
The eat-in kitchen is also done with the exception of the tools and hardware I have laying on the table.  I am trying to  hang pictures on the walls right now as I have plenty of them.
The china cabinet is organized but the dining room table is loaded with stuff.  I will need  a month more to finish all these things put in place.  We have adjusted and shorten our dining table because  the dining room in this house is not as big as the one we had at the other  house.  It is still a tight space even with a short table.

Bathrooms are pretty much organized now too.  I am glad there is a  big  closet in the main bathroom as I have space to   stack all the towels and even some of the bed linens.  The master suite is smaller and it doesn't hve a closet but a small standing space with open shelves for  towels and other things.  
My office still  a mess.  I am still waiting for the other computer desk  to be  hauled away from the other house to here.  My husband does not want to get it but I need  it to put files in as this  computer desk does not have much space for it. Besides, I don't want to leave it there as it is a nice  computer desk.  I think, I will do this office room last,  for now, I am happy to set it up where the kids and I can use the computer.
That is it for now, I have to squeeze this post in my very busy schedule as it is long over due.  I will try to  clear the family room today because the  piano movers are  coming to  bring the piano.  Moving  piano is costly.  It cost $150  to move ours.  Althought moving is very exciting, it is also very expensive and stressful!

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Empire Today Sucks! #EmpireTodaySucks

The linoleum  at the family room, hallway, and kitchen of the new house that we bought  have seen better days so my husband and I planned on  tiling it .  At first, we  planned on doing it ourselves but then we wanted  for it to get done quicker so we  said that we  would hire a company to do it.  We contacted  Empire Today because they sound  promising.  Some of my husband's co-worker said that they know  some people who had their floors done by Empire Today and they were fast.  
 So in June 2, we had  a sales representative from them came to our house to give us an estimate. After she measure everything, she came up with $9,210 which made me cringe!  I wasn't planning on spending that much for it.  So when we told her that  we  will shop around, she   told us that she can  work worth the price so she applied some discounts and the price came down to $7 thousand and some.  It was still high for us so we said, we will shop around.  She told us that she is required to   talk to her boss before leaving so they talked about the pricing and the boss said that they can do $5,000.  We did not buy yet, we want to make sure that we are getting a good deal.  
 After thinking about it overnight, my husband said that we should offer $4,500 and to our surprised, they agreed.  Sp we were excited as the  agent said that the job could be done  in two days.  We thought it is great as we want to move in as soon as the floors are done.  On June 4th, the lady came down  at our home again so we could sign the contract.  We decided to get the grout so we ended up with $5,100.  We  paid the 10% ($510), signed the contract and wait for the  scheduled date to work on it.  She scheduled us for June 8-9.  She told us that  the contractors are supped to call us on the 7th to confirm.  The day came, I couldn't leave the house because I was waiting for the call.  Noontime  came, I texted my husband and said that I never received the call.  He followed up with with the lady and he found out that our order got misplaced that's why I never got the call.   So the lady straightened it out for us, she confirmed that  our schedule will be June 9 and 10th, I thought great, they  are ruining my birthday!   
 Came June 9th, we went to the house early because they said they will show up as early as 8 am.  A couple of hours of waiting have passed and nobody came, I texted my husband to  follow up again.  I also texted the lady and she told me that the contractors are on its way.  I waited patiently, they came around 11 am.  Upon introducing themselves, he presented me with a bill of $90 and I told him that everything is settled and that we don't owe them anything.  He had to call his boss because they were instructed to collect it first before starting. Again, I told him we don't awe   them anything.  He called his boss and found out I was right.  
So after  all that, it is 12  noon already and they started unloading the materials.  They thought that they were ju0st laying the tiles without  stripping off the old floors so I showed them the contract that stated that they have to removed the old floors.  So they started to removed the flooring at  the family room, when they  reach to the kitchen, the linoleum there is  a little harder to strip so they  suggested to just lay the tiles on top of it.  I told them that I have to ask my husband.  I asked him to talk to to my husband which he did but by the time all that is going on, it is already 1 pm and they were ready to leave.  The guy told me that he is a single parent that he had to take his daughter to an orthodontist.  There's nothing I can do but to say okay.  They said that they are coming back early the next day.  I asked them to  put some of the materials inside because I was  concern that it might get stolen outside.  They brought the tiles and adhesive  inside and left the  grout and wall board outside.   My husband had a hunch that they are not planning to come back and he was right.
  On June 10th,   we went early to the house  to wait for them.  It was my birthday and we  cancelled our plans for that day since we wanted ou0r floors to get done.  As we waited, the contractor called and said that they  won't be able to come back because his partner's had a family emergency.  So we called the Installation manager and he told us that he will call back but he never did.  My husband then called the customer service but nobody answered.  We waited until 12 hoping that the manager sent someone but nothing.  By this time, we are  so frustrated already.  I texted the  sales agent and let her know how disappointed I was of the situation and she couldn't believe what I was saying because she said that  mostly, she get praises for  the installation.  She then  communicated  with the installation manager who never got back to us and she was informed that it would be re-scheduled  the next week.  
Normally, before we make a big purchase, my husband would  read reviews first before making a decision.  I think, he was  so beat  with the project that we did (refinishing wood floors) that he  jumped on the wagon to just  let Empire Today do the job without  reading any reviews.  June 12, Sunday, my husband decided to investigate.  That's when we  discovered that a lot of customers have the same problems as us.  I was already feeling so dismayed at this time but  my husband said that we will give them another chance to redeem  themselves.

By Monday, the installation manager finally  called us and said that we are re-scheduled on June 15-16.  We went to the house  yesterday and was glad that at 9 am, they arrived and there's 4 of them. I thought, great, they might be able to  knock this out today.  To my disappointment once again, they walked around the house and  told me that they were told that the floor is already ready that  the only thing they need to do is lay the tiles on the floor so they did not bring their tools.  That excuse did not make sense to me because  what contractor goes on the job with them?  Right off the bat, I knew they didn't want to do the job.  They left after ten minutes and told me that they are  coming back the next morning bright and early, again  I gave them the benefit of the doubt.  

We went to the house this morning, waited till 10 am and I was already  aggravated that no one showed up.  So I let my husband know, he called the installation manager but he did not answer.  He then called the customer service and he was told that they thought that the contractor  got done working at our home yesterday.  My husband  stopped being  Mr. Nice Guy and  let them  know how  disappointed we are that we just want to cancel the whole thing.  I also texted  the sales agent and let her know that  I am done dealing with this crappy transaction.  She  then communicated with the installation manager and was told that  the contractor is on its way.  I waited till noon and nobody showed up so I texted her that  I don't think somebody is coming.  I told her that I wish the installation manager would call us back and communicate with us.  By this time, I was livid already.  I said we  will just cancel.  She called me and apologize an  said that she is still waiting  for the manager to call her back and let her know what  they plan to do.  

The manager  finally called my husband and asked for another  chance.  He told my husband that  he is going to send  a team to  finish it tomorrow.  We will see, if not, cancellation is the best option for us.  We  can just do it ourselves.  Maybe save us  some money in doing so.  Empire Today sucks big time!  I don't recommend this company.  They have poor communication, poor customer service, and caused us major delay on our schedule!

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Hardwood Floors Almost Finished

We underestimated how long  refinishing hardwood floors takes especially that 75% of the house is hardwood.  HUbby and I took on this project anticipating that we would get be done in few weeks and here it is a month have gone by and we are still working on it.  We were actuially done with the last process last week but when it  dried out, we didn't like the  semi gloss poly urethane that my husband used so now he is re-coating it with the gloss finish polyurethane.  
According to the  articles he  read online, semi gloss is the way to go when you have pets so that scratches is not very visible.  The issue I have with the semi gloss is that, it looks like we did not refinish it at all so I was disappointed.  Hubby decided to re-coat it since he is not  satisfied of the semi gloss finish as well.  Another issue is that, it makes the  floor  looks so dark.
Here's how it looks after the semi gloss finish was applied.  It looks very dull to me.  It also shows all the imperfections that  hubby and I made when we were sanding the floors.
When my husband  put the polyurethane  on the stained floors, he was wearing a mask because the smell was unbearable.  It also said that it can  cause cancer when  exposed with thescent for a long time so we were all outside except him.  To make it dry faster, we used  stand fans to help the process.  This Ozeri 360 Oscillation tower fan, with Micro-Blade noise reduction technology was a great  help for our project.   
Unlike the other fan that we got, this one is very  easy to assemble especially the  base at the bottom.  You don't need any tools to assemble it.  I love that this fan oscillates at 60, 90, 120, or 360 degrees for partial to complete air circulation with 3 whisper quiet speed settings.
It utilizes advanced cylindrical motion technology with over 200 staggered micro-blades to generate airflow at the lowest possible noise factor.  The sophisticated space-saving design will surly  enhance room d├ęcor.  MY son is always  fascinated with the multi-colored LCD that displays all fan functions and the room temperature.
The extended range remote control and fan control buttons provide easy access to all features, it icludes the 8-hour programmable timer.  You can get this fan at Amazon for $70.34 with free shipping.  Now that the heat of the sun is super intense, these fans are a great addition to any home.
Here's how  the gloss finish looks like.  It makes the  wood floors looks lighter because the shine   catches the l natural lights from the windows.  It cost us  a little more to re-ciat the floors but I am happy we did it because it makes a big difference.  
Thanks to my hardworking husband.  We save thousands of dollars doing this project by ourselves.
I can't wait to move in.  We just need to wait for the polyurethane to completely cure before we can settle  in and occupy our new home sweet home.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

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