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Monday, May 23, 2016

Almost Done with our Flooring Project

After three weeks of  working on the house, we finally  finished sanding all the wood floors.  Sanding all of it was the hardest part.  We underestimated how much time it would take to do it but  glad it is done.  Here are the  sanded wood floors,  here is how it looks like on it's raw form.
Home Office, originally a  bedroom with a closet and  half bath.
Home Office
Dining Room
Dining Room
Living Room
 Stairs to the second floor.  
The hallways upstairs, we removed the  railing for a while.
Guest room with a walk-in closet
the other side of the guest room
Rylie's  bedroom
Walk in closet to Rylie's bedroom
Master Bedroom
Master bedroom's  Bathroom
Master's bedroom - window side
EJ's bedroom
EJ's bedroom 
Now that all that sanding is done, hubby started  staining last Friday and was able to  finished yesterday.  I did not help him do this  process because I concentrated on cleaning the walls and getting rid of all the dusts inside the house!  
 Now that stain is in the floors, we can see all the imperfections in it, scratches that the  sander failed to smooth out but it's okay.
 All the rooms, hallways, and closets are stained , now we wait  for it to  fully dry and we will start applying the polyurethane on it as a finall stage.  
I was hoping for a lighter color than this but hubby liked a darker color so  this one is okay.  Polyurethane stinks so  we will have to wear a respirator to do it.  I hope that we could finish this within this week,  keeping my finger's crossed.  We were looking forward on moving  this Memorial weekend but  it is unlikely to happen.  We will see.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Gardening on Mother's Day

My husband and kids asked me what I wanted for Mother's day, I told them that I have  everything that I need.  They insisted to get me something so I told them to just get me some rose bushes and other plants I could plant in the new house, so that's what I got.
The former owner   has lava rocks in  the  garden bed so we removed it  so we can plant some flowers in it.  I will be  using it for something else  later  but for now, I put   it in the garbage  cans,  
We planted the rose bushes and other flowers after we cleaned  out the  garden bed.
Then we laid out the  weed control sheet  before putting the mulch.
This is the first MOther's day where we spent in the garden and I love it!
We recruited Daddy to dig some holes for us.  So this gardening project is memorable because it was our first MOther's day spent in the new house although we haven't live there yet.  All of us  can look back and sayt, we did this in MOther's day 2016!
The front of the house looks  alive now because it has   plants.  We ended up having a great time together doing the  gardening.
Hubby and I are planning to put  a fence sometime to  keep the dogs from running away.  That would be another project for us to do in the future in our   new home.  

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Music Accessories

While listening to music, I am browsing at the guitar center for some music accessories. I am thinking of getting something for my daughter's upcoming birthday in few months.  As she get older, it is getting harder to find her a gift that she would really enjoy.  Since she like music, I think I would  fnd something that she can use.    Hopefully I can find a good deal on violin, that is really want she  is wishing for  to have on her birthday.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Home Remodeling: Refinishing Wooden Floors

One factor the  many things that led us to buy the new house is the wooden floors in most of the  rooms  including all the  bedrooms, the office,  the dining room, and the  living room.  The house hasn't been updated in 15 years (according to the report given to us) so everything in it is  getting wore out including the  floors.  So my husband said that we should refinish the floors before we move in.  We contacted some contractors around the area but  it cost an arm and a leg for them to do it so we've decided to do it ourselves.  
Living Room
Master's Bedroom
 We went to Home Depot and rented   a two-part diamond brush buffer (square buff floor sander) as recommended by the guy working there.  He said that it would  scrape off the  polyurethane.  It did the job but the  problem was it scrape the heck out of the wood so it left  swirls in it.  Now the plan was to rent a drum sander instead of the buffer  but my husband was  worried to use it  as he read so many horror stories using it so when the guy talked him into  using a buffer, he took it.  
Living Room
It took my husband 2 days to do all 7 rooms and closets.  I am glad he took  one week off because  this job could not be done  as an after-work project as it is a hard core  job to do.  
Home Office
There's  dust everywhere right now in the house, so we will have  some Major cleaning to do before we  can move there.  We only have two more weeks to  work on it and that's hard because my husband is  back to work again.
My job is to  vacuum all the dust  as my husband  scraped the poly.  I love doing this kind of job  with him.  I remember when we first bought  our  first house, we remodeled the  basement and I learned how to  do the tiles.  
So farm we have rented three tools already and it already cost us  $1035 already but it is better than paying 5-10 for a contractor to do it.  The second tool that we've rented is the Coating removal tool which  did nothing in removing the  swirl caused by the buffer.  We ended up  renting the drum sander that my husband  did not want to use as it was the only way we could clean up the  swirl caused by the  square buff floor sander.  Even that did not  addressed the whole issue as some of the  wooden floors are not evenly leveled so we will have to manually sand it.  
The hard part  to do is the hallway, the closets, and the  stairs.  So far, I have been using the  orbit sander that  we bought so I can sand the edges that the big machine cannot reach.  Man doing this  job is a lower back killer, I can hardly stand up when I keep doing for a long period of time lol.
Home Office
One of the Bedrooms
Dining Room
This is how it looks like now.  We still have to  rent another tool  to smoothen the wood floors then when we are done, we will be staining next, and then  put the poly in.  

Another project that we will be  doing  after the wooden floors is tiling the  family room, kitchen, and hallways.  All the linoleum  in these rooms have seen better days already.  The fireplace needs an upgrade too.  We still haven't figured out what we are going to do but we will get there.
Fireplace at the family room
Family Room  leading to the  kitchen
Family room leading to the  living room
Every room in this house is big except the kitchen.  I mean it is a decent size but not as big as my current kitchen in the first house.

I like it though that it has an eat-in extension leading to the  office and to the dining room.
Hallway leading to the kitchen from the main door.
The half bath in the home office.
The bathroom upstairs is fairly big.  You can tell how dated it  is,  it needs an upgrade but that would be a long  project so we will use it for the time being.  I like it though because  it has a double sink.  
This is the  bathroom to the master's bedroom.  It's a little small  but it's okay.  Again the color will tel  you how dated the bathrooms are.  I got to  give it to the former though, although everything is dated, he kept it in a  good condition.
I like  the color blue but I don't think I prefer  it in the bathroom especially if everything is blue.

We will need at least 25-50 more grand to upgrade  things in the house but it would be a long time to do it.  We just want to  refinish the floors before we move in so the dust will be out of the way.  Remodeling a house is  a huge expense and a lot of work but I am glad that my husband  can do most of it as we can't really afford to hire a contractor around here.  We learned that lesson when we have  a porch built at our current house, we spent 22 thousand just for a porch!  When we  ask the company to give us an estimate to do our kitchen, they gave us a 40 thousand estimate so I told my husband to just drop it lol.  That's why we never had the kitchen done in our current home.  Despite the money we put in the house, we will be losing some when we sell this because the kitchen is not upgraded.  Oh well, at least now, we have a home  that can accomodate  the size of our family.  

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