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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Grandpa's Passion for Music

When I was growing up, I always wanted to learn how to play instrument.  My paternal grandfather was a musician and  I wish that we were  closer to him.  I wish he would have encouraged us to  follow his footstep, his love and passion for music.  Even though I wanted to learn, I d couldn't afford to buy   instrument anyway so I never really express my intention  since I kow that it was impossible.  I have no idea what a fender nocaster  but I will try to find out.  My son is showing interest to learn how to play guitar.  My husband and I  are  thinking of getting him one probably  on Christmas.  

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

New Windows Installed

Buying a home is exciting, however, if you are buying a home that isn't new, repair and remodeling is  necessary.  The home that we bought last year  is more spacious that  what we had  from our old home.  Even though it is in need of a lot of update,  we bought it because we love  the layout inside.  We  have updated  all the  flooring and this month,  all the  old windows was replaced with new ones.  
 We had  a little money left from the  sale of our old home so we used it to buy new windows.  We have 31 windows  all in all in this home so it was a bit expensive but we had to do it because the old windows isn't  efficient anymore.  Our gas bill from last month  was almost 300 dollars, a huge jump from the regular amount we  pay every month.  Granted  that it is winter, it is  expected that it would  go  up but we've never had  that high of a gas bill before.  I think  those old windows  have contributed to the issue.
 Our old windows only have a grid on top but we wanted it to have grid even at the bottom.  I actually didn't want the grids at first  because it is just an added expense but my husband is right, it looks better with grids.
 See how  rotten the woods are from the old windows?  It did not have a good seal anymore that's why we can hear the outside noise.  Now that we have new windows, it is very quite inside the house compared before.
 We also ordered  window sills for five windows but they did not  do it so they will just  deduct it from our bill.  My husband  decided that he will just do it  himself, it  might  be cheaper that way.   We will find out how soon he can do it lol.
 I like the windows we ordered for the bathrooms.  I think they were my favorites.
 The  grid  inside are  wood grain color while the grids from the outside are white.  It's a  little  extra to have a wood grain  but we wanted it to match  the wood floors.
 I also love the fact that  they  are a little tinted inside.
 All in all, the cost of it all is $17, 076.  We asked  two companies for an estimate before we went with this one.  The other one  gave us a 45 thousand  estimate and we thought, that's a lot for new windows.  We decided to  go with this one because they  guarantee their  products for life which means that whatever is need to be done in the  future, they will do it for you for free.  So if there's   something to be repaired, we will just need to give them a call and they will do it which is nice because you know how much it cost for  repairs these days.
 It took them 4 days to finish the job but we didn't mind because we wanted them to do the job right.
 I just wish that they could have  installed these windows before the winter hits but because  we have so many windows, it took time to  make them.  All of these are made in the US which is nice.
 All the  windows were installed last week but   they have to replace three  of them  because two windows have white grid inside (it is supposed to be  wood grain).
 I told my husband that I don't even have to hang  curtains on them now because they  look really good but I  put all the  window treatment back when they got done.
My least favorite window that they did is the  picture window.  The left side has a broken glass and they put duct tape on it temporarily.  This is the most important window of all but it's the one with issues.
 The middle glass wasn't a perfect fit for the size so they used wood to fix the gap but I didn't like it because it would cause moisture to get in.  I told them that  I want it fix and my husband did not like the fact that you can see the screws that  they  put in to  put it together.  I also don't like it that they did not replace the existing wood and it is an eye sore.
 The other  4 big windows  looks like the one in the bottom so I don't understand why they didn't do it on the picture window.  We wrote the issues on the paper and the installers  gave  the report to them.  They came back and assessed the situation and told us that they are going to  fix all the issues.  We will have to wait until next week for them to fix it.
 When we order the one kin the family room, we specifically told them that  we want this one to  be different because we   have to put an air conditioning unit  there during the summer time.  They forgot to do it that way so they are going to replace this too plus the grid inside was also wrong, it need to be wood grain color.
 So now, everyone sees the defective  picture window, the one that we wanted to look beautiful.
 They will come next week to fix it and if I am not satisfied, I will have to make them redo it.  I want every piece to be in great shape since  it is an expensive purchase so it has to be done  correctly.  Their customer service is great though so I am hoping for the best.  

Spend Wisely & Save Wisely

They say a fool and his money are easily parted, and that is why it is so important to keep a tight reign of what you are saving and what you are spending. But as everybody knows, some things are worth spending on, whereas others that are just going to leave your savings account empty. Read on to find out more.

Do spend on medical help

Something that is always worth investing in is your health care. It might seem like too much money to go to the ER and get that bad ankle checked out. Or pop along to the dentist and get that filling done. Especially if it's not even hurting! But many medical conditions can become worse the longer they are left untreated.

Remember too, that no matter how much money you have, if you don't have your health you won't be around very long to enjoy it. Or your enjoyment may be severely compromised. So don't be a scrooge when it comes to health care, as you just may live to regret it.

Don't spend on household cleaning products, save instead

Now here is something on which you can save a little money. Having a clean and tidy home is important to most people. But house holding cleaning products can be pretty darn expensive, and they always promise so much and don't always deliver. But have you ever asked yourself if buying them at all is just a waste of time and money?

Well, some folks would say that it is. As they are more than happy to make their own household cleaners from everyday products such as baking soda, vinegar, and lemon juice. In fact, you may find that washing your windows or polishing your cutlery is more streak free than when using the expensive methods.

Do spend on legal representation

If you are unfortunate enough to get in trouble with the law, you can make a bad situation worse, by scrimping on your legal representation. Unless you have a law degree, it really is a no-no to represent yourself.

It is also vital that you find a lawyer that will fight the case in the way you want. For example, firms such as Schiener Law Group DWI attorneys will fight claims aggressively, with the aim of having the charges dismissed.

This can be critical as it often means the difference between having a criminal record or not. Remember that this can affect all sorts of things like your future employment opportunities as well as the type of property you can rent. So if there is a chance that you may not have to have one, it is often worth taking.


Don't spend on cable, save instead

Now, most people start to get a bit jittery when we talk about getting rid of their cable TV channels. But cable is a massive household expense, and for what? Really you are paying just to have the choice of stuff you don't actually watch.  

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Also, folks don't even watch TV that way anymore. In fact, they are much more likely to binge-watch a whole series at a time, via a platform like Netflix. So you can realistically consider cutting your cable access without it actually having too much impact.

Then you can save the money that you would have paid out for this instead, which is far more sensible.

Friday, December 30, 2016

Organizing My Son's Room

I finally got to organized my son's bedroom.  We got him a laptop for Christmas and a desk and chair for his upcoming birthday.  I was going to wait  till his birthday to  give him the  desk and chair but decided  to give it early on so I could arrange his room  before he goes back to school.  So last Thursday, I finally did it.  
We got this desk at TJMaxx.  It's a simple chair but he loves it.
 I gave him this  Coby  digital photo keeper.  It has an alarm clock which he uses during school days.   This was a gift I bought for a friend's  child but  was returned  to me when I failed to show up in the party.  Oh well,  it works out well for us.  
 I got him this study lamp from Shoplet.  I t has a seven-step, touch dimming function that includes warm or cool light settings so you control how to shed the light in your space. The 550 lumen lamp is made of ABS plastic and aluminum.  See how you can turn the  light whatever angle you want it to?  It's really a  great light to have in your  study table or work table.  I love how technology  keeps progressing these days.  Products are getting so versatile that it meets the function that we need.  I also love the fact that the cord isn't  attached to the lamp itself.  It makes it easier to  put away.  The fact that you can fold the lamp is also a space saver when you want to put it away.  
 I bought these letters when we were still at the old house but never got to use it.  Now I finally got to hang it on his room.  I also put a succulent plant in his table for some fresh element.
 This is the laptop that we got him.  It is an Acer but I love the features.  I actually borrowed it from him a couple of times so I can do my blogging stuff while I am in bed lol.  I like that it is wifi-ready.
 It's funny because my daughter  has been using his desk to do her art stuff.
 My husband inherited this  bedroom set from one of his Aunt so when we  bought our home, my FIL told  my husband to take  it  for the kids.
 I told my kids how lucky they are to have their own room with closet and stuff.  I grew up with 8 siblings so we shared one big room.
 He is always losing his ties and belts so I hang all of them on the wall so he doesn't have an excuse to lose them ever again.  We will see how  this works.
 I also hang some of his hats.
 And his memorabilia (compass and  medal).
 This was a certificate given to him by the Navy when he was born.  My husband worked at Pittsburgh processing center and his boss presented him this when our son was born.  I thought it was pretty neat.  
 This was given to him  by a family friend during his  first holy communion.
 Of our two children, our son is the sentimental one.  He love  things that have history and sentimental value.  This old clock was a project my husband did when he was in  6th grade and  it still runs like it's new.  My FIL told my husband to take it when we were moving.
 This is the  gift that his sister made for him so we hang =ed it on the wall as well.
I bought this rug for my office but  it's very small so I just put it in my son's room.
I am so glad that I was able to organized his room before they go back to school.  Now he have a desk to put all of his  school books and things.  

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Shoe Racks, Multi-Purpose Hook Rack and more #DIYprojects

I asked my husband  to build me a shoe  rack in one of our closets so we went to  the hardware store to get the  ,materials we needed.  Then he  suggested that it would be faster if we can just buy those ready-made  shoe rack kits and just put it together and we are good to go.  It would cost more if we buy the materials and build it anyway so I gave it a go.  I found some awesome kits  at Kmart and bought three while it was on sale.
Our 11-year old love  to work on projects.  She put together two of the shoe rack kit that we  bought by herself.  She was very proud and I was very impressed and  proud of her  as well.  Now our shoes are more organized and  it's not everywhere or piled up.  

I love this multi-purpose hook rack  that I got  from Cavetools. You can hang this on your deck, by your grill, or at your work bench.   This would also be best  in bathroom and even in your foyer to hang coats in.   Since it is made of super durable stainless steel, it will stands the test of time both indoors or outdoors.
  It is heavy duty and I love that it comes with a screwdriver for easy mounting wall installation.  This is now my husband's favorite screwdriver.  He used it too when he put together the desk that we gave our son for Christmas. 
 I originally got this for my husband as he was working on  putting some shelf on the garage at the time I ordered this but when I gave it to him, he said it is too pretty to be in the garage.  I thought of using it in our kitchen to hang my  heavy BBQ tools but I have no place to  best  mount it so I decided to use it on our  shoe closet.   I hanged  my son's favorite hats there for now. 
If you are interested to buy one of these stainless steel heavy duty multi-purpose five hook, please use this coupon code HOOKRACK15 to enjoy a 15% off via   amazon  via amazon.  I am going to use the coupon code too as I am planning to buy one more for my son's room.  He need  a hook like this for his belt and  school uniform ties.
Tip:  To keep your shoe closet smelling fresh, use some type of shoe deodorizer.  I use Aurorae's foot and shoe deodorizer, it's an all natural mist spray that is made with pure essential oils.  It smells good there all the time that's why I  am confident of hanging my son's hat by the shoes.  

Disclosure:   The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review. I was provided with the product/s mentioned to help me facilitate this review but opinions are my own.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Stocking Stuffer, Homesickness, ETC

4 Days till Christmas, yay!  Stockings are  stuffed, gifts are wrapped, and hubby  took two more days for Christmas so yohooo.  I don't have anything to  ask for but wish that I can be with my family from back home.  I miss them especially my Mama.  It's been  7 years since I last saw them and during Christmas, I get homesick because it always remind me of the home I grew up in.  Even though I sent them Christmas gifts, it isn't the same without me  with them.  I was looking forward to talking to Mama  since I thought she is going to my sister in Manila but now my sister told me that Mama won't be able to come, sigh.  Our Mom lives in a remote place  cellphone signal is very hard to find so trying to call her there is like finding a needle in a haystack.  
 Anyway, this is our first Christmas at a new house  and we were excited to decorate it for Christmas.  Hubby and I were busy doing small projects to make the house  the way we want it.
 We have been living here for six months already and it feels like we have just moved in.  We love  living here now though.  Our son still misses our former house but I am sure that he will learn to love this too.  I like it because it accommodates all of us  unlike the first home that we had, it was  a bit small for  the growing family that's why we sold it and bought this one.
 Christmas time is always a jolly holiday for me.  I don't decorate for  other holidays but Christmas.  Growing up, Christmas is all about religious stuff.  It's all about celebrating  God.  We never  had any Santa Claus  experiences, just pure family togetherness and focusing on  remembering God.
 It's exciting to  raise our children with both practises.  We just reduce the  material aspect a little bit.  We make sure to  let them understand what Christmas is all about.
Some of ou0r decors are DIY projects  that my daughter and I made.  We had fun making these  magazine  trees, we made th4ese when we were still at our old home.
 We have a fireplace at this new home but we don't really use it.  My husband is  planning to buy another TV and put it by the fireplace, we will see.
 It's been eleven years since I came here in America and our stockings are still different from each other lol.  I have been planning to buy a set but I never really gotten a new set so these  will serve as our stockings  for now.  The important thing is that they are stuffed for the kids.
My daughter  have decorated the railing with the red garland.  I added the painted pine cones and  faux poinsettia flowers to it.
We also set up another tree  upstairs.  We had a white tree before and we gave it to my  father-in-law when we bought a bigger one.  Then when we bought this house, the former owner  left us a white tree so we used it.  
 Over the last  twp months, hubby and I have been rearranging furniture.  We bought  some new ones and relocated the old ones.  These furniture are heavy  so just  having my husband and the kids were tough especially when we moved the   couch from our living room to upstairs, it was  a back killer since  it was heavy.  I felt bad for my husband as he was battling from  neck injury by the time we were doing all the  moving and stuff.
 It is all settled now so I am relieved.  We don't have to move anything anymore unless we change our minds again lol.  We are happy of how it is set up right now.
 I decided to put a slip cover on the new couch and love seat set that we bought because I am not very fond of the color gray.  
I just wish that these Instant Swivel Wheels came  sooner, it would have helped us  a lot with our moves.  I am still glad to have it though because we are still doing some projects here at home and these would come in handy.  I got these from Shoplet.  The 360 swivel action allows smooth rolling in any direction. It has unique patented mounting options, angled, flat or u-shaped.  I love that each set of 4 wheels holds up to 250 lbs.  Most importantly, it attaches securely to most smooth surfaces, vinyl, plastic, wood, corrugated board, and masonite.

I also got this set of Cleaning Gloves for electronics.  My  computer screen  gets  dusty sometimes so this would be great to use when I clean it.  This is also great in cleaning the smudges  or fingerprints on your phone.  It makes cleaning fun and the microfiber cleaning and dusting gloves attract dust like a magnet.  I love that the deep cleaning microfibers instantly trap dirt, dust, allergens, pet hair and more.  Since it's a pair, two handed cleaning cuts cleaning time in half.

Have a Merry Christmas everyone, I hope that you enjoy every moment with your family as I do mine.
 Shoplet is a one-stop shop  for all your need in your home office or business.  They have  Office Supplies,   Medical SuppliesCleaning Supplies and many more.

Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

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