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Friday, April 21, 2017

The Best Kept Secrets About Gardening

Ah, gardening. One of the most therapeutic activities known to mankind. What could be better than sitting in a garden you’ve lovingly crafted? Getting intimate with nature is the one remedy for both depression and stress that always helps.

Our bodies are wired to respond to nature in healthy, positive ways, so the more time you are able to invest in your garden, the better. But are you really making the most of your garden? Do you know all the handy tips and tricks to make your time in the garden more fruitful? (Pun absolutely intended)

Are you hoping to keep a vegetable patch or greenhouse one day? Then look no further as we dissect the best-kept gardening secrets you can use to really make your green space flourish.

Foil can work as a pest control agent.

It’s true. Insects are repelled by aluminium foil, leading to fewer chomp marks on your precious flowers.

Salt water kills weeds.

This can save you hours of time on your hands and knees pulling up weeds at the root. Instead, accurately pouring a salt water solution on it will kill them outright. If you enjoy weed-pulling though, don’t let us get in the way of an excuse to get in your garden!

You can grow from cuttings.

It’s not always understood that you might not need seeds to grow a flower. Sometimes, you can grow from the cuttings. This can sometimes result in accelerated growth, and sometimes they could even bear fruit! Just be sure to take care of that which sprouts, and remember, results may vary.

Collecting rainwater can have positive environmental effects.

Instead of using the hose or tap, why not collect rain water using drainage pipes and buckets in order to lower your environmental footprints? If you’re cultivating a garden you’re surely in love with the environment, so why not keep this attitude in every avenue of your garden development?

All manner of kitchen waste can be used as fertilizer.

Everyone who maintains a garden knows about how well eggshells can work to fertilize your soil, but did you know that coffee grounds and banana skins can be used for a variety of purposes? Banana peels can help with your rose beds. Just be sure you don’t drop any on the pathway to prevent you falling over like a cartoon character.

Storage space can be used for allotments.

Allotments are the best way to keep a garden if you don’t own one yourself, sometimes finding storage space for your materials can be important, especially if you want to use speciality tools, or having somewhere to house your pots. Using a service like MyBelkins ( can be handy here.

Keeping a garden is probably the ultimate labour of love, but like most disciplines, the bulk of enjoyment is not to be found in what you create, but how you create it. The journey is more important than the destination, and what metaphor for that proverb could be as present as it is in gardening?

Keep these simple tricks to mind when planning the next exploits of your green thumb, and you never know, your garden could be even more beautiful than you intended.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Preventing Mold and Mildew from Overtaking Your Home

Fungus thrives in the warm and moist conditions typically left behind by a flood.  When the flood occurs in your home, you only have hours to spare before black mold and mildew begin to grow in your flooring, in the walls, and elsewhere in your house.  Because of the dangers that fungal infestations pose to you and your family, you may not want to attempt to clean up the mess by yourself.  You can get your home back in safe and sanitary condition by hiring contractors trained in disaster cleanup, flood restoration, mildew elimination, and other services for this job.

The Dangers of Fungal Infestations

You may be unfamiliar with the dangers that mold and mildew can present to you, your loved ones, and your home.  Mold and mildew spores enter your home through the air vents, windows, and doors, looking for the perfect conditions in which to grow and thrive.  They typically invade areas like the bathroom, kitchen, and utility room where conditions are often damp and humid.

However, they also will quickly invade your home after a water disaster, such as when your pipes burst, your water main or sewer backs up into your house, or your roof collapses after a heavy rainstorm.  You may think that once you get all of the water out of your home that the fungus will stop growing.  However, the spores take root inside the walls, along the floorboards, and under the carpeting where they progressively grow and spread.

Once they start growing, the fungi can negatively impact your health, causing skin rashes, allergies, respiratory issues, and other reactions.  Black mold is especially dangerous to the elderly and young children.  Because of how quickly it and other fungi spread, you may be unable to contain and eliminate it yourself.  You can get rid of it entirely by hiring professionals who are trained in this type of disaster response.

Emergency Services

You never know when a water emergency will occur.  When your home floods during the middle of the night or your pipes burst on a holiday or weekend, you can still get the help you need immediately.  The company offers around-the-clock emergency services.  You can get fast help without having to wait until the next business day to call.

Mold and mildew thrive in wet conditions.  You can protect your home by trusting water cleanup to professional contractors.

Friday, April 7, 2017

Dried Roses

As much as I love  looking at what the Guitar Center has, studio speakers at a great price! I am  disappointed that it is  snowing here at  my neck of the woods.  The plant are just starting to grow and this would kill  it or affect the growth.  My indoor plants  badly need  some sunlight but I am glad I didn't put them outside yet.  The cold weather would have  easily killed them.  
 I love this basket planter that  my husband's company sent us during his Dad's passing.  The plants are so green and really doing well.  I thought that  it would die  but it didn't.
 I hope that this plant live for a long time.
I  dried the roses and preserved them as remembrance of him.
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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Keeping Your Garden In Great Condition

Very much like your hair - your garden grows and it won't stop until you cut it! Or get it cut. One way or another, someone is going to have to work hard at getting your garden into shape. Keeping your garden in good condition is going to seem like hard work, a chore and a bore at times - but you deserve a nice garden to sit in!

There are plenty of tools needed to keep a garden looking good. A lawnmower, pruning tools, hedge trimmers, gloves, rakes, trowels and hoes are the basic tools among others that people use to keep their garden in great condition. These tools are widely available, can be cheap and are easy to find.

The basis of the garden is the lawn, and if yours is in terrible condition there are a number of things you can do. You can either tear it up and replant it with a new species of grass that will afford a little bit more protection. You can attempt to care for it, or you can hire a lawn care service to take care of it. All of these options have their merits, but as usual - getting the professionals in is likely the best thing to do for the longevity of your lawn. It is truly the carpet of the garden and needs to be cared for in that manner!
If the lawn is the floor, then the trees are the ceiling. Tree branches can be a big obstruction and in some cases, a major hazard. What's more, some types of tree are plain ugly and can harbor all sorts of nasty insects and the like. If you don't like a tree, you shouldn't take an axe to it - that can be incredibly dangerous. Get a professional to deal with an ugly, or fearsome tree. Trees do have their benefits, though! They can add a lot of green and privacy to your home. Hedges are the wall of the garden and don't need much care, but they can grow a bit wild, so a trim will be needed at least once per year. Like trees, they add that little bit of natural privacy to a garden.

You can also add to your garden with plants, shrubs, fruits and vegetables! Cordon off sections of your garden and add the requirements needed for your chosen plants. Shrubs need little care, but most kinds of flower, plant, fruit and vegetable need constant care to protect them not only from the environment, but the pests that will look to feast on them. Certain types of fruit and vegetable will only grow during certain seasons, so it is well worth the time taken to research information on seeds and growth before you stick them in the ground only to find that you have wasted not just your money, but your time.

Keeping a garden tidy is a constant process, that doesn’t mean it is impossible though! With the right tools, mindset and research, you can master your garden in no time at all.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Last Winter, Last Breath, Final Goodbye

It was Friday, March 10th, when we got a call about my  father-in-law.  I was  attending a school mass at church where the bishop was the officiating priest and my son was reading at the mass so he wanted me there.  For some reason, I was uneasy inside the church while the mass is going on.  The  unexplained feeling lasted until the mass  was over.   After giving my kids a hug, I went out the door and I was surprised to see my husband waiting for me at the side of the church.  I thought he wasn't feeling well so he came home from work. 
 I learned  from him that his sister have called our home phone and his niece texted her that Dad  had turned for the worse.  I was surprised to learned about it because  he was getting better  when they last told us  about him although he was still in the hospital and recovering.
 So we went to the hospital where all of the  family were there   already and saying their goodbyes.  The doctor talked to all of us and advised us that he will be  transferred  to the hospice  and that they would do everything to  make him comfortable.  The doctor told us that his  internal organ is  starting to shut down that's why he is having a hard time  breathing.
 It was hard seeing my father-in-law in such condition.  It might  seem harsh  but I prayed  to God to end his suffering and let him rest in peace.  He took his last breath  the next day.
 My FIL took his last breath at Trinity  hospital surrounded by his family.  It was his  last winter here on earth.  I was  thankful that he is no longer in pain.  He can be with his sweetheart and two sons on the other side.
 We said our final goodbyes to him on March 15th  at Chapel Hill Memorial, it was a very cold day.   The freezing weather  did not hinder from people in attending his funeral.  We were surprised to see a lot have attended even his former neighbors.
 This was my second time attending a funeral on a very cold day.  My first was my husband's  oldest brother who died of cancer.   I take cold weather as a sign from up there  that  memories  will be forever cherished.
 As a world war 2 veteran, my FIL was honored by a 21-gun salute.  We thank  the honor guard who came and  did the ceremony.
 The young guy who   folded the   flag was crying even and he doesn't even know my FIL.  The flag is  normally given to the  female  member of the family but my sister-in-law  decided to give it to my husband.  She said that it would be fitting for my husband to receive it since he  is a veteran as well,
 I would like to share this  poem written and published by a conservative poet Tom Zart, the most published poet  on the web.  It's title bravery.
Many brave souls lived before now, 
Unwept and unknown by their face. 
Lost somewhere in the distant night, 
'Till a poet chronicles their grace.  
True bravery is shown by performing, 
Without witness, what one might be 
Capable of before the world, 
Without any or all to see.
How great the brave who rest in peace, 
All blessings from heaven to earth. 
They gave our country but their best, 
Those destined to be brave from birth.
 I also would like to share this beautiful poem written by Jamey Wysocki entitled "I Am Learning How To Live by"
I am learning how to live
In a new way
Since that day
You were taken away.
I am learning how to live
With the things left unsaid
Knowing I got to say them
With every tear that I shed.
I am learning how to live
By embracing the pain
Knowing that you live on
Through the memories that remain.
I am learning how to live
Knowing I will never again see your face
And I have peace knowing
You’re in a better place.
I am learning how to live
Knowing you’re in God’s care
It gives me the strength to move on
And makes the pain much easier to bear.
 I am so glad that  winter is over and that my FIL is now in peace and no longer suffering.  It gives us peace as well knowing that he is now  with the love of his life.
On another note, let's talk about weather, shall we?  The first week of Spring was still freezing.  All the   plants that started to bud have wilted  since that last snow fall.  I was suppose to get this heater/fan  in early February but the shipment got lost so I am just now  given the chance to test it.
 This dual zone oscillating heater with remote will be perfect  for my laundry room as it stays  cold  down there.  I always  shiver when I am doing laundry.  This would  have been a perfect thing that we could have used when we were working at our detached garage last winter.  We built some  storage  area  there  so we could arrange all of our stuff that we usually use  outdoors and for maintaining the vehicles.
 This dual zone oscillating ceramic heater and tower fan is  engineered to provide rapid heat on a wintry night, and non-heated airflow for relief on a hot summer day, with a programmable 12-hour timer.  So we could use this during summer time as well when we are working at the garage.  We still have to built storage on the other side of it since we couldn't finish doing it last winter, it was too cold and our portable  heater wasn't enough to warm us all up.
Just like Ozeri's  tower fans, this ultra thin space-saving design enhances room decor and features a touch button LED display.  It has an extended range remote control unit, and an elegant sturdy glass base that reduces accidental tip-over.  You can buy this on amazon.  It might not be the item you want to buy now that the winter is over but you can always use it for the next winter season.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

It's Not Just about School Work, You Have to Teach Your Children about Life Too

A common problem in this day and age is that people feel as if their time at school didn’t prepare them enough for adulthood and adult-life, and that they were just thrust into it without really understanding what they were doing, and still don’t. The aspects of adulthood that this refers to is things like the value of money, the value of hard work and the value of spending time with family. Does school really prepare students for adult life? If you don’t think it does, then take matters into your own hands and make sure your kids are prepared for adulthood straight away once they grow into it.

You can start by making sure that they understand the value of money, and how they have to work hard to earn it and then subsequently earn what they wish to spend it on. You can entice your children to do things such as their homework, good work at school or even household chores by offering them a coin in return if they do it. This could simply be spare pieces of shrapnel that you have lying around in the bottom of your purse or wallet that means virtually nothing to you, but you could tell them that you will have it back off them in exchange for gifts such as extra time on their games console or being able to stay up a bit later on the weekend. This would mean that you are teaching them that they have to work hard, and sometimes do things that aren’t fun, in order to earn physical pieces of money as well as teaching them the fundamentals of basic earning and spending as they exchange their newfound fortune for gifts that they really want. You could even go one step further and offer them specialised and child-friendly coins or paper bills in order to help your children recognise that achievement, good performance and being a good person is met by rewards. If this interests you, then why not go the whole hog and and purchase a coin case that will be a form of inspiration for your children as it will be a constant reminder that it needs to be filled, and the only way they can fill it is by working hard and earning coins. The technique of offering such coins and coin cases is a great tactic for not only parents, but for teachers, coaches and those of you who are in charge of scout groups. The coins are affordable, but still cost more than using your spare cash; however, if you think it may not seem like a wise thing to spend your money on, if implemented correctly it can be.
Teach your children about money

You should also seek to teach your children the importance of spending time with family. You should do so trying to never cut contact with any member of family unless you really have to, because if your children grow up thinking that one family member can be ignored, they may think that all family can be ignored. You should also try to implement on them your family’s history in as fun a way as possible so that they don’t get bored. A way to do so is to blend talking about the history in with normal conversation as much as possible. You can find more family history activities for children here.

Family time with your children

So, if you don’t want your children to be hit by adulthood and not have the life lessons or tools to properly deal with it, then take the matter of preparing them for it into your own hands because the teachers at their school have enough on their hands in trying to teach them academically.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tax Season: The Effect of Buying and Selling a House

I can't believe it's been a year since we bought  this home that we are now living in.  Time flies so fast that I can still remember  being so busy putting things away' or trying to find things in a pile of boxes.  We bought  this  home in March of 2016 but we didn't really  moved here until the end of June 2016.  We decided to do some   home improvement before we  moved in.  T
We bought our first home  in 2006, lived in it for ten years  then  it was no longer a good size for our growing family.  We bought it for $85k and sold it for $107k.  If you look at the price you would think that we  made money off the price that we sold it but we put around $40  on home improvement so it just work out to be  the same.  So based from our experience, there's not really an effect when you buy a  new house and sell the  old one you lived in for over ten years.

Hubby and I  thought that we would be  paying  taxes  since we sold the house but thank goodness that we did not.  We did our tax today and we did not anticipate of having a refund  because of the property that we sold but we still got a little bit back.  I was relieved!  I told my husband that if we ever have to pay taxes for the house that we sold, we are toast since the money  that we got  from the sell is already spent in improving this new home.  We  spent $16,726 for the new windows.  It was a  necessary  home improvement that we needed to do because  the existing windows were in pretty bad shape that it was  affecting our energy bills.  Owning a house consist of constant home improvement needs.  We already put in around  $25 thousand in this  home and we just owned this for a year.  With that expenses, the value of the home only raise  up to $2k, oh well.  I am just glad that we did not pay any additional tax for selling our former house.  The next big project that we have to  tackle next time is having  new kitchen but that would be  in the years to come, maybe if I win the lottery lol.  

Saturday, February 25, 2017

The Computerize Way to Keep A Young Family Operating Smoothly

Now this is a note of gratitude for all the working mothers whose full-time stay-at-home husbands are diligently taking care of the baby without the slightest hint of complaint or even frown. These mothers want to express their undying gratitude to the services provided by Babies”R”Us. com for their wonderful assistance and service. That service has made it possible for them to work with the assurance that their home and children are fully provided while they are off pursuing their careers and incomes.

Of course the fathers who are home looking after their children are major contributors to this happy set of circumstances. But as we all know, many lack the skills needed when it comes to finding the items they need to take care of that baby. Mothers may feel extremely uneasy when their baby is left with someone whose skills at making formula stops at the stirring of sugar into a coffee cup. Nor may she feel confident that he can differentiate between a cry for a bottle and one that signals for a diaper change. So while many of the skills require on-the-job training, buying necessary supplies can be made easier by using Groupon coupons and promo codes for items from Babies“R”Us. 
Babies“R”Us is a website that evolved from Toys”R”Us. It provides new parents with the essential child rearing equipment, supplies, assistance and information. And those dads who prefer spending time with the young ones find shopping online with Groupons at Babies“R”Us can be a Godsend. They help make the job of the stay-at-home dad easier since he can order food, supplies and equipment over the computer rather than going through a bewildering selection of items and brands at the store. It enables him to devote all his attention to the child. He can then spend energy on tasks at home, or for necessary household maintenance and upkeep. Best of all, he has the free time and opportunity to see that when mom returns from work she can have a good dinner, relax and “decompress” from the day at work. And the child benefits from the chance to bond with the father. This can help to produce a household with a real sense of family.

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