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Sunday, November 29, 2015

Upcycled and Other DIY Cristmas Ornaments

When I was growing up, we  didn't have the money to buy  any fancy ornaments  for Christmas decorations so we kinda make our own out of the materials that we have  at home and  believe me there  are the kind of materials that is trash to other people such as  candy wrappers. the  goil that you find in a cigarette  box and so on.  Nevertheless, we still have the great time every time despote the lack of material things because we celebrate as a family.  Having said that, here are some  ornaments that  are upcycled  and from other recycled things.  
 This  snowman is made from a lightbulb.  Someone  has this creative idea to decorate a lightbulb and  make a really pretty snowman.  Materials include  twigs, buttons, yarn, plastic, glitters, and play dough.
 For those  who have a lo of bead at home, this cute angel is a great project to do.  Materials needed are beads, safety pins, and string.
 This one is made  from a type of dried grass that is kinda like the one they use to make a broom sweeper.  For the pop of colo, they use plastic balls, artificial holly and pine leaves, and ribbon.
 For old gloves, you can turn them into a  covering for your old balls and make it as an ornament as well.  It is one way of preserving  memories of their  snow fights during winter time.  Instead of  throwing  it, reuse it.
 This  cute ange ornament is mounted on a  popsicle stick.  One of the kids  did this as a project  at their  art class in school.
 For colorful  candioes that  your kids don't eat,  put them in a small jars that you don't need and  you can use it as a decor as well.  My kids does not like skittle candies but they always got it as a treat so I put them in the cute containers that I saved  and it make cute accent even in the kitchen.
 All of the  pine cones that I used in my Christmas ornaments are  picked up from our walks during summer time.  We painted some of them and  leave some  plain.

My daughter  and I painted these   few years ago and they turned out really pretty.
 I filled the  candle jars with colorful balls and they make pretty accent .  It adds color to the holiday.
 This tree is made from the materials that you use when you make tutu.  I won this from a  giveaway few years ago and  the kids especially my daughter likes it.  The cute snowman perfectly match the color of the tree so I put it on top.  I also found  those cute  ornaments from an auction site.
 If you have old magazines at home, you can make cute trees out of it.  Jazz it up a little bit with some stuff and  they  are pretty!
 This is another  cute prijects that my daughter did at her art class in school.  They used play doguh for this project.That's her handprint.
 My son  made this priject as well at his art class in school.  These are the things that we make us miss their old teacher who just recently retired.  She did so many neat projects with thekids and now that she's not in school, they don't do these kind of things anymore.
 The kids  painted this nativity set last year.  They got it as a gift from one of our neighbors and have been part of our decoration ever since.
 This was given to use by my father-in-law.
 Now, if you are wondring what to do with your old Christmas cards, you can make this kind of ornament.  My daughter made this  at her gifted program class.
 She made some again this year at home.
 I remember, we used to do this kind of things  as a kid but we  make bells instead.  We didn't have the materials that  we have now but we make it work back then.
 Well, that's about it.  Till next time again.  Thanks for  dropping by and leaving your thoughts.  Maybe you can share some projects you did with your kids.

Friday, November 27, 2015

Outdoor Christmas Decor 2015

In the  country where I came from,  Christmas decorating  starts  when the BER months starts, which means that in September, you will see Christmas  stuff out already.  Radio stations even  start playing Christmas songs on this month.  Crazy, you might say but it's just the way it is over there.  There is no big holiday like Halloween  or Thanksgiving over there so  Christmas  is celebrated  earlier and  longer.

When I came here, most people   don't start decorating  until  Thanksgiving is over.  Some even wait  a couple of weeks before Christmas to decorate.  Christmas is the only holiday where I love to decorate so I want to do it early.  My husband always  tell me to wait after Thanksgiving.  This year however, he  encouraged me to  decorate early especially outdoors.  I think he learned his lesson when we did our decorating outside last year and it was freezing.  I am glad he let me put the decorations out early because we had  some  warm weather in November.
 I purchased this big Christmas balls  during the off season sale last year.  Our cherry tree in the front yard is so bare after  the leaves  fell off so  decorating it a little bit gives it some  color.  I super glued the tip of the balls to the  string before I hang them on the branches  so the wind won't knock them out. 
 It was morning when I captured these photos so it  look dark and not as colorful as it is.
 The tree is big and I only have  18 balls so it wasn't enough to cover  the branches but it's okay.  I added some  small balls to them now and it looks alright.  I would love to put a nativity scene  in our front yard but I haven't got a chance to  buy one yet.  Maybe next year.
The green garland I used is supped to light up but some does lights are burnt out so I just did not bother to  plug it but we put another set of lights  around the railings.   I bought  four set of these big bells  also last year  and  hang it in the front railing.
 The big balls and these bells are our new additional decor this year.
 We should have bought all silver color instead of blending the gold ones but I guess it doesn't matter.
 Below is the wreath that my daughter and I  redecorated last year.  We glued some Christmas balls around it and added the poinsettia flowers.
 Below is the wreat we bought a couple of years ago.  I added  the red cloth on it and tie it like a bow.
I get a little bit homesick when  Christmas time rolls around because I miss my family back home.  To cope with that, I  love to decorate and reminisce my  simple but  joyful memoris withmy family back home during Christmas.  You would think, ten years of living here in the States would not make me nostalgic anymore but it does once in a while.  I wish I live close by and visit  my family  often.  I am just thankful  that I am blessed with a  loving husband and two greatkids who cheers me up everytime I am feeling homesick.  But anyway, that's the wrap of  my outdor decor for Christmas.

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Christmas Tradition and More

My father-in-law gave this  fiber optic Christmas tree to the kids  last  years. I decided to  put it in our dining room  because we do hang out there  when they are playing music so it's good to have some Christmas decor there as well.
Two baskets of  pine cones and  a snowman  cookie jar  complete the  Christmas  atmosphere in this part of our home.  We don't normally eat in the dining  room because we also have a kitchen table where we eat most of the times.  The dining room serve as our  studdy room, craft room, and  anything room  or the all-purpose room.  We will be  turning this into   a bedroom next year so we can fully utilize it.
Some of our  Christmas decor in the  tree comes in four like the snowmen below.  It represents our family.
These set of snowmen  was given to us  by my sister in law during our first Christmas here.  It perfectly showcased our mixed race background.
These polar bears  on top of Christmas balls are cute.  I got these from an auction site last year.  
We wrote Mom, Dad, Sis, and Bro on the balls using white nail polish.
These snowmen are  made of recycled tin cans and it os made in the Philippines.  An old man gave these to my son when we went to a garage sale sometime ago.  
We also have Christmas frames to hang in the tree.
We usually get a new addition every year to put in  our Christmas tree  as a tradition so I am curious what we can find this year.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Beauty of Fall

Despite the crappy weather we  been having, I still like Fall because of the beautiful colors outside.  Our burning bushes in the front yeard are so vibrant.  I can't wait for it to become bigger, it would be great.  
Rylie's cherry tree  is also very colorful with its  yellow leaves in full force.  
Then when you  walk a block away, the maple trees from the  school are so beautiful as well.  I just wish that they will stay for a lot longer.  The problem is when there is rain and wind, the leaves falls off the ground so quickly.
But nothing is permanent so I just try to enjoy  it while it lasts.
This is the reason why I love walking outdoor rather than using my treadmill.  At least outside, I get to enjoy  what mother nature has.  
 The burning bush has an orange fruits which is  perfect for  Fall and Halloween color.
 Here are some more beautiful colors.  I took these when we went on the school field and played volleyball.
 Of all the trees, this one is my favorite because   every leaves is in sync.
 A little bit of action from my energetic  kiddo.
I took this shot by the  road  last Sunday.  The burning bushes really stands out.

We only have few more weeks to enjoy the beauty of Fall.  Soon, trees will be bald again.  The effect of dead looking trees outside  makes me homesick.  I have been here in the US for ten years but I still feel homesick once in a while especially during the Winter times and around Christmas especially.  I miss my family and friends.  I don't have many friends here so most of the times, I talk to  friends online.  I miss the times when  my friends and I can talk for hours and enjoy catching up.  That's something I have to live with since I am away from home.

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