Friday, September 9, 2016

Childhood Dreams

If I would have given a chance, I could have been an interior designer, a landscape designer, or a photographer.  Interior designing, photography, and gardening are the things that I enjoy doing.  I may not be  reallly good at it but I sure enjoy  every minute when I do it.  Moving to a new home is such a challenge because you  start refiguring out  where things should go and what would look good.
Anyway, I am a member of one  buy and sell  group in Facebook and I A dream to found these 3-set of vases  for $15.  I bought it and thought that was a great deal since they are in great condition.  It's a perfect set to put in one of our corner shelves since I have vases on the other  corner as well.  I was waiting for someone to  post a violin for sale and I finally found one but I was late and it got sold very quickly.  I even saw a slide trumpet for sale in that group.  We have very limited budget now that we are paying two mortgages so I am kind of shopping  where I can save money.
Again, those three I have mentioned above were all my childhood dreams!

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