Sunday, July 24, 2016

Geometric Design and Color Scheme Patterns Plus a Cool Looking Fan

In the past couple of years, our daughter have  changed a lot.  It is not much on the physical aspect as she is tiny  like me but  emotionally and mentally, she has grown a lot.   Before,  she never liked her hair  being brushed  so I  had to  tell her that I will cut it if she doesn't take care of  it, that is when she would brush  it.  From that scenario, she is now  become so  conscious of her looks, always  looking at the mirror and  fixing her own hair.  She also gotten into the mood of organizing, cleaning , and now that she has her new bedroom, she became so much interested in interior designing.  
 I mentioned that she painted the bottom of her walk-in closet with the geometric pattern where she used  painters tape to form the  shapes.  She did all that by herself.  At 11, you would think she would be interested in  other things but not her.  I always think that she is so mature  for her age.
 She did all the organizing herself which I am very proud of because she  wasn't like that a couple of years ago.  She was the messiest girl I knew but now, she has evolved into this little organizer  like her Mom lol.
This is the  pattern that inspired her to   go for a geometric theme on her bedroom.  
 When she told me that she wanted to use French gray to paint her bedroom, I was hesitant. I thought, that wouldn't be girly and would look boring for a girl bedroom but when she showed me  the  colors and designs of  things that she want  to design her room, I gave it a go.
  She painted  this owl on a canvas  when she had her first  field trip   with her  gifted class.  We hanged it above her laundry basket to give this corner of her room some pop of colors.
Now, her dresser is always organized and  tidy.  She is really becoming a little lady.
She does  DIY projects on her spare time this summer.  She did this cute jewelry  hanger/holder which I thought was very chic and unique.  She used the  rocks that our  neighbor gave her  and glued  them on the frame.  
The alarm clock that  our family friend sent her for her birthday matches perfectly with the bamboo accent we bought for her room.  
 The bright colors of furniture and other things  she got  really made the  bedroom look alive and girly.  She drew these geometric dinosaurs and framed it.  We hanged it  on top of her  newly painted desk.

  This is the  desk I had in our bedroom at our old house and she wanted to  give it a new look so my husband sanded it and we helped her paint it. She did most of the work  on the desk, I only helped her paint  with the white.
 She also gave the  book  shelf a new look.  She sanded and  painted it by herself to match the  desk.
I find it amusing to see how our kids are just like mini version of ourselves.  She constantly changes the arrangement of her desk, every time I go on her bedroom, the  arrangement is different and that is  just like me.  This is how she arranged it before.
Our former  neighbor, invited them for a movie night yesterday and gave her a  gift card for her birthday.  So today, we took her to  Target for a little shopping trip and she bought the lamp and the  pencil organizer.  Now that she  bought some accessories like the lamp and pencil organizer, she changed it again into this.  
She also bought this geometric design planes on a frame to hang above her beds. This year, I started  the Good Point chart for them where in   if they help with the chores  around the house, they get good points and those points can be converted into cash.  Not only it is working great for me but  it is also teaching them the value of hard work.  
I was laughing when she was paying for her merchandise today because she looked  sick, she looked like she was going to throw up as she was handing the cashier of her money lol.  I also found it very effective to let them manage their own  "little money" while shopping as they   get the understanding of how  hard earned money works.  They don't really want to spend it  to something that  isn't valuable lol.
So now her bedroom is almost complete.  The only thing missing is the  desk chair that she wanted from Office Depot.  We were not able to get it because we ran out of time today and the space  of of our CRV's trunk won't accommodate her  chair.  
 I was giggling when she saw this white tower fan that Ozeri sent us for review  because she wanted to trade her  fan with this.  I told her that there is no geometric design to it but she said that  the circle matches her wall clock.  She got it all figured out lol.  Our bedrooms upstairs have  window AC's installed  but we only used them during  night time so we can sleep comfortable so during the day, we uses  electric fan.
Not having air condition at the  first floor of our  new house is so unbearable for my husband as he is not used to  hot weather.  It doesn't really bother me as I am used to this kind of weather back home and besides, we have  Ozeri fans in most of our rooms downstairs so it is comfortable.  His plan is to get a big AC unit for downstairs but for now that we can't afford it yet, these fans are life savers.  
  So glad Ozeri really do have great selection of cool, modern, and high tech fans that is space savers and has  noise reduction technology. It really help us cool down  with the hot  and humid temperature we have been getting lately.   You can buy them  through amazon for $99.95 with free shipping.
Disclosure: The owner of this blog was NOT financially compensated to write this review.  I was provided with the product/s mentioned  to help me  facilitate this review but  opinions are my own.

20 Smart Readers SAID::

Stacie said...

I love geometric schemes when it comes to painting the walls. I'm a big fan of thick, chunky, colorful stripes.

Jenny @cookeatgo said...

I love the pattern she made on her walls!! She did a great job setting up her room, I don't think my 11 year old could do that.

Emily Reviews said...

I really like this theme! It's a great mix between simple and bold.

Anonymous said...

I love the color scheme of this room. And that fan is so cool. It's amazing what something as simple as a fan could add to a room!

Rebecca Swenor said...

I so adore her room the colors are amazing and I really like the design on everything. The fan even looks great in there too which I will have to for sure check out. Great job on the room.

Inspiring Kitchen said...

She is so good at this. I love the geometric design. It's amazing that she painted it herself.

Michele D said...

Her room looks so beautiful! Love what she did to her walls. She is talented with design. Good for her.

Adriana said...

Aw, she must have loved designing her new room! I love the fun geometric wallpaper in the closet. I can't imagine not having central AC, so I'm glad you guys have these awesome fans that help!! -Kendall

Melissa said...

This is super cute! I love the way it turned out! That closet is so cool!

Lynndee said...

Love what your daughter had done to her room. She really is artistic and creative.

Unknown said...

I love her bedroom. It looks so nice! She is one lucky girl to have such a beautiful room.

stephanickety said...

Wow, I love her room. I think she did an awesome job decorating!

lori felix said...

Your daughter did a great job decorating her room. She has a good future in interior design if she wishes to pursue it.

Unknown said...

I love how she decorated her room! It's very girly and so nice. I'm sure she'll take a lot of pride in it and keep it clean too.

ricci said...

I love this bedroom!! It's so bright and fun and I love that your daughter did a lot of it herself, she's so creative!!

Ckrusch said...

Love the decor and your pictures! So pretty!!!

Alanna B said...

What a nice room! Beautiful colors and shapes without being overstimulating.

Unknown said...

Wow, your post is inspiring me to plan a makeover for my office. It really needs a change. Love the wall design.

Unknown said...

Those bright pops of color are so beautiful! What a great way to update a room and give some life into it.

Anonymous said...

This is a really awesome room! SO much creativity is shown here and it is wonderful that your daughter did most of it herself.. I love it!

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