Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Weather Changes

The change in weather is affecting  every one's health.  The climate can change drastically, one day it is freezing and the next day it is warm.  It messes up our body, don't you agree?  The photos below were taken  two weeks ago when it was  freezing  outside.  
You can see how the tree branches are frozen even with the sun shining.
 It's not good when it snowed and then  the next day it rains because  it creates  icy road and  walkway.  
 Yesterday was sunny and a bit warmer but today it is raining.
I had a sever stomach ache yesterday that  I could barely walk.  I had to go to bed early and rest my stomach against the bed because it was painful.  I woke up   a little better today but still in pain.  I have to go to school for my volunteer duty today and I  don't like that it is raining.

3 Smart Readers SAID::

JOJO VITO said...

while you're having snow in your country , it's scorching in the Philippines.I also just arrive from India and just the same, very hot :)

Elizabeth O. said...

I hate unpredictable weather, it causes a lot of people hassle especially the ones who go to work everyday. I hope you feel better soon!

Jessica Cassidy said...

Weather changes make us sick Sis R if we do not dress-up properly. I am looking forward for Spring, 13 days to go and hopefully no more snow here in NY.

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