Monday, February 29, 2016

Flying Back from California

These were photos taken by our daughter when we were glying back from California.  Whenever we gly, the kids  always   wants to sit  by the window so  they could look out.  She told me that the sunset was beauiful so I asked her to take some photos since she was seated by the window and these are the shots she took.  Not bad for an 8 year old.  
It's been almost two years since we  attended the  Doodle4Google in Mountain View California.  It was a ffun   trip, a lot of learning activities for the kids.   Google  was  so graceous to include additional  two family members to attend the event.  Although, we have paid for our own travel fare but the experience was all worth it.
Traveling with our kids is fun.  They are well-traveled kids so we  never really have issues with them  when we  take  trips.  Ever since they were little, they were always good travelers. I guess they got used to it  since  my bhusband  was in the military and traveling is  necessary.

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