Wednesday, October 28, 2015

I wish to Visit London Someday

Oh the weather today is crappy.  I wasn't able to do my morning walk  because it  wasn't worth getting wet and getting sick.  The bright side of a not-s-hood  of a weather is that, I get to sit in front of my desk and  enjoy bowsing    these beautiful London Apartments.  Why, you may ask?  Well, if there is one place I wish I could visit someday, it is London.  I know that  it would be  impossible but there's nothing wrong of  dreaming right? 

London Apartments are really  beautiful based from what I have seen online.   It would be really nice to have a vacation there even fopr ju0st a week!  It would be awesome to explore  its beauty and experience  other culture.  I told my husband that if we ever play lottery and win, traveling to Europe  would be on my list.  It's nice to know though that there are people that can help you to have a relaxing stay in London if you ever visit. 

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Cloudia said...

I enjoyed lingering in your London Dream!

ALOHA, Friend


Cloudia said...

Here you go!

Mona said...

Me too, but before going far wanted to visit South Korea so in love with Kdrama :)

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