Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Ways to Create the Appearance of More Space In Your Home

Most trends today, whether it be homes, cars or other items, are following the ideas of more and more space. With space comes extra room to play, store and live in while helping to minimize the look of clutter. When there isn't a lot of opportunity to make a bigger area in your home, use these ideas to create the appearance of more space.

An Open-Concept Layout

When you have the opportunity, build with less walls or knock down walls in your home to create the openness that is desired. A technique used mainly in the communal areas, this allows the rooms to flow naturally into each other leaving the viewer with the feeling that the space is larger and easier to navigate. Simply section off areas in the oversized space to designate the traditional rooms for the functions that you desire.

Use Interior French Doors

In times where you need to have interior doors , choose French doors to make the space feel like it extends past them. French doors are those with glass panels from the top to the bottom. While being able to see through the glass, it will allow for the same appearance of space as the open concept does but provides the option to shut the doors and curtains for privacy. They are particularly effective when leading outside as it gives the visual of the room extending outside into endless land.

Create "Built-In" Options

When space is a concern, eliminate unnecessary pieces of furniture that can be built into others or the walls. Find any area of dead space, such as under steps or behind doors, and build storage, shelves or any type of hidden treasure that you can think of to save space around the room. Dead cabinets under sinks can double as paper towel dispensers while a double shower rod can hold towels alongside the shower curtain. Any little bit of unused space can serve its purpose to create the much needed openness in the room.

When faced with a smaller amount of space than you would like, use these tips to manage it properly and get as much usable area as you can to play with. These ideas create a better flow and use what you have in the best ways possible. The rest is up to you!

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