Thursday, June 11, 2015

Four Top Tips For A Modern Garden

As time passes by, so does style. Fashions and styles suddenly pop up out of nowhere and become the new, ‘in’ thing. So much so, if you don’t follow these trends you end up being left behind. The garden is a prime example. Long gone are the days where the garden was just a mass of grass with a few essential accessories. Today, they are hardly recognisable. To transform your garden into the ultimate in contemporary art, follow these top tips. Your garden will be the envy of the neighbourhood.

Mix & Match

It is important to get out of the mind frame that a garden is all about grass, flowers and plants. They are essential accessories for any garden, of that there is no doubt. But, they are not the be all and end all. What makes a garden so modern is the mixture of styles and fashions that you choose. So, along with patches of grass and a flower bed, incorporate a bit of gravel and paving. Paving is a great way of bringing contrast to your garden that is lacking in other, conventional gardens. The light colour contrasts with the bold colours of the flowers and creates an elegant style.

Have A Focal Point

A lot of people like to buy whatever plants they like and plant them in their gardens without thinking. But, in a contemporary garden everything is accounted for and has its place. Grow a particular flower or set of plants creates a focal point that every garden needs. Just think of every modern room in your home. There is an element of the room which draws the eye and your attention. A modern garden should be no different. Go for a plant that is loud and lasts for a long time like a Verbena Bonariensis. Plants like these are the glue that holds the style together.

Essential Accessories

Even if you don’t use them too often, accessories are a vital addition. Firstly, they fill up space with something other than plants or paving. Contemporary gardens have an eclectic mix and accessories like garden sheds and barbeques play a huge part. Secondly, they look good if you pick correctly. Garden accessories should be part of the style and atmosphere you have created or are looking to create. Try stainless steel barbeques and wood varnished sheds.


The lights are one of the only fixtures in your garden that don’t have to adhere to the style. It is a lot more important what the lights illuminate than what the lights look like. Focus the lighting on the brickwork or the repeated patterns to emphasise their design and style. Mood lighting is a massive part of any modern room, whether it is a living room or a garden.

Free Parking Space

Parking spaces are incredibly rare, so why not put one in your garden? It makes total sense. You drive through the back gate into your own, personal parking spot and walk through the garden into the kitchen. All you need to do is get in touch with companies like True Grid who can make it happen. Check out their website at

Modern gardens do change the perspective of your whole house for the better. If you are looking to create the perfect home, the contemporary garden could be the missing piece in the puzzle.

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