Thursday, April 9, 2015

Spring Gardening

The sun is brighter, the days are longer, and your garden is calling to you. Here is a basic timeline of how to get back into the dirt throughout the season.

Spring has Sprung

·        Start Seedlings:  It may still be too cold to get much of your summer stock in the ground at this point but that doesn’t mean you can’t get your warm weather plants started. Gather all of your supplies and plant an array of seeds indoors. Early spring is ideal for getting the seedlings started so when the weather is more welcoming, the plants will be strong enough to be transported to your bed or garden plot. Make sure to store them in a place with plenty of sunlight and away from little hands or pets.

·        Prune: Get all of your fruit trees and bushes polished up and pruned. Be sure to get this done prior to seeing any buds pop out.

·        Prep the Beds and Perform Maintenance: Remove old mulch and make sure any stonework or other decorative items are cleaned and placed correctly. This is a good time to work new fertilizer into your soil.

·        Plant Cool Weather Produce: There are plenty of veggies that can survive cool spring conditions, such as onions, potatoes and various leafy greens.


·        Build Flower Beds: Choose one of the warmer days and get out into the yard for light building. Create new flowerbeds and choose placements for any new shrubs you may wish to add. Brighten up the area with wrought iron metal art, which can liven up the space while waiting for the plants to begin flourishing.

·        Apply Mulch: Do a little research and add mulch that will best benefit your soil. Not only does it assist in maintaining moisture and reducing erosion, but it can also help decrease the amount of weeding you will have to do later in the season.

·        Plant Annuals: This is the time to plant your annuals as well as when to begin transplanting the seedlings you have been growing indoors. 

Late Spring

·        Deadhead and Prune: If you have bulbs whose blossoms have already come and gone, remove any that have passed their prime. Remove blossoms such as this from trees and bushes, as well.

·        Visit the Nursery: This is the time to choose your bedding plants for splashes of color throughout your landscape. If possible, choose plants that have yet to bloom.

Take spring gardening step by step to make sure you don’t do too much before the season allows. Take into account the climate in your area and tweak your schedule accordingly.

7 Smart Readers SAID::

Unknown said...

We just started our seedlings too, this week. We used small Dixie cups from the dollar store. We will be doing a pot garden vs a traditional garden due to not having a lot of unlanscaped land. I look forward to seeing how your plants look in a few weeks.

Jenny said...

Love this, what an easy way to get a garden going! I wished I could start mine this year but my husband has been terracing the back yard so it will have to wait a year.

Unknown said...

Great list! We started out seedlings a few weeks ago and this weekend (fingers crossed) I am hoping to clean the garden out.

Unknown said...

For Paula Schuck
I have always dreamed of starting my own garden and growing tomatoes and squash and so many more delicious veggies. Unfortunately it's not an option right now, but hopefully one day in the near future I will be starting my own seedlings and looking forward to my future bounty!

Ria C said...

It's good to know those tips sis esp for someone like me who doesn't know anything about gardening. These tips will be helpful when I finally plant the tulip bulbs I bought from Netherlands. I wish I can sustain them :)

Anosa said...

I have always dreamed of having a garden at whatever property I will own but currently I do not so will not be using this awesome tips but I do know my father has started caring for the garden at my parents house.

Fiona said...

The older I get the more I want to embrace gardening. Sadly, we have a rented house and our back yard has no grass or soil for gardening so I can only put things in pots - which they seem to rapidly grow out of too! It's so lovely that you got your little ones involved too :)

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