Wednesday, May 1, 2013

5 Ways of Keeping Your Home Safe & Secure

Keeping a home safe and secure is one of the most important issues for a homeowner. Not only do most homeowners have precious possessions to protect, they also need to protect their family and the home itself. Luckily, there are many options for home security available, and the intelligent homeowner will use as many as possible.

1. Security Systems

The foremost way to keep a home safe and secure is by installing a reliable security system. Security systems can either be installed by a monitoring company or by the homeowner themselves. If a security system is installed by the homeowner, they may either find a system that consists of an alarm only, or a more expensive system that alerts them if the alarm is tripped. Many security systems also check for the presence of fire and flooding.

2. Fire Alarms

Fire alarms are absolutely essential to a safe and secure home. Fire alarms come in many varieties, from the simple and traditional smoke detector to dual method smoke detectors that can better detect all types of fire. Fire alarms are not only important to protect the homeowner's family from a fire that could catch them off guard, or to protect the homeowner's possessions from a fire that happens when the family is out, but also to make sure that insurance will cover any fire damage that does occur.

3. Remote Monitoring

Many security systems and household systems alike can be monitored remotely through computers or cellphone access. These systems offer simple remote applications that can be used for anything from setting the homeowner's security system from work or making sure that all the lights are turned off. Remote monitoring can also include security cameras that can allow the homeowner to check on their home visually to see if anything strange is going on.

4. Privacy Fencing

Privacy fencing can not only help in keeping a home secure, it can also help with nosy neighbours or the household pets. Privacy fencing is usually a tall fence that does not enable anyone to see over it. This also makes sure that people passing by cannot see into windows or see anything valuable that they might want to steal. Privacy fencing is a great option for anyone who wants to protect their home because it can be very difficult to get over and most will not make the effort.

5. Secured Garage

When securing their home, many homeowners forget to properly secure the garage. Most garages allow entry into the home, and most homes do not have a very secure door between the main living quarters and the garage. A properly secured garage door is extremely important, as is keeping it closed and locked whenever the family is out or asleep. An open garage door is as dangerous to a homeowner as an open front door, which means that the proper habits need to be formed among the whole family. Additionally, you should make sure that any windows in the garage have window security screens to prevent intruders from gaining easy access. 
Anthony is a home security specialist from Australia who has helped thousands of families secure their homes and gain valuable piece of mind. 

13 Smart Readers SAID::

Anonymous said...

My husband is starting to work out of town more so we are investing in a new system. Thank you for sharing I can use this as a check list.

Mommy Evolution said...

I can't tell you how many times I see people just leave their garage doors open!

MikiHope said...

Where I live Fire Alarms and carbon dioxide detectors are mandatory no matter if you live in a house or an apartment! All the above are great tips!!

Kelli Avery said...

There is a new trend going on by my parents house right now of break in and almost all of them are from people leaving their garage doors open.. Such a shame..

Andrea said...

We have been wanting to get a privacy fence and will be as soon as we can afford it.

Melinda Dunne said...

I think this is extremely important. I even have driveway sensors so it anyone is in my driveway I am alerted. It actually works great because my UPS man doesn't ring my doorbell.

Trendy Cyndie said...

I am locked in tight where I live but you never know.

Taty said...

My in laws left their garage door open and suffered the consequences

MzBaker said...

We have a security system it goes off on any sound it hears, Bark Bark Bark! If someone were to come in they would be surprised to see this MamaBaker point a pistol or 12 gauge at them! :) we have smoke alarms more than needed, i only say that cause when the batteries are dying, it's one after another lol I wish we had a garage, when we leave I just turn on camera and I can see in to my kitchen, living room and dining area while we are away. :) I want the privacy fence but we do not own so we cant have it right now.

Healy Harpster said...

We have the fire alarms and secured garage because it doesn't have the access to our home. Every home should have these for safety!

Mel Cole said...

I wish to have that closed fence someday in our backyard too for our privacy. These days, it's better to be equipped in security measures especially if we have kids in the house.

Nova said...

This is good tips, thanks for sharing, i'll definitely do all of this here

Unknown said...

i think we got everything on the list covered.:) i am kind of paranoid when it comes to safety.

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