Friday, March 8, 2013

Japan, the Land of the Rising Sun

When we were still living in South Korea, I wanted to go to Japan with my husband when he attended school for his new job.  However, that desire did not materialize as we had to settle to the new house that we were assigned to live inside the base.  The only time I was able to set my foot in Japan was during our layover coming back here in the US.  It would have been nice to stay at The Ritz Carlton if we had a chance to visit the beautiful country for a vacation.  I believe that there are so many Filipinos living in Japan.  Some of the bloggers I know have shared beautiful pictures of their adventure.  

If South Korea is the "land of the Morning Calm", Japan is the "Land of the Rising Sun".  It must be nice watching the rising sun from a balcony of the  Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Yodoyabashi. Oh boy, here I am again, dreaming of going to a place that I would really love to visit someday.  Who knows, I might get lucky and win an international ticket to Japan; that would be nice wouldn't it?

On the other note, we are planning to visit one of our family friends this coming summer.  They live in Texas and we can''t wait till the day we can get together once again just like what we did two years ago in Disney World.  Our children got along so well and they truly miss bonding with each other.  The only difference of what we did last time is that, this year we are going to their  state.  I can''t wait till winter is over.  The constant torture of our kids getting sick because of cold weather is just ridiculous. 
I can''t wait for the spring to come and finally be able to go out without wearing the thick clothing.

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