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How to Keep My Bouquet Fresh until the Wedding?

A bouquet of wedding flowers is a very important aspect of the wedding ceremony, whether it is a grand celebration or an intimate gathering of a few family members and close friends.  Bridal bouquets play an integral role in the celebration and has been a tradition for centuries.

A wilted or drooping bouquet of flowers is a genuine fear for any bride who is preparing for her big day.  However, flowers that are properly prepared will last throughout the ceremony, the photo session and wedding reception. When appropriately stored, the bouquet will remain fresh for a minimum of 12 hours.

One way to guarantee that the bouquet stays fresh throughout the day is having it delivered as close as possible to the time of the wedding.  However, if you or a family member decides to take on the task of making the bouquet, the following guidelines will assist in the execution and keeping the wedding flowers fresh afterwards:

Making A Wedding Bouquet

Choose flowers that have sturdy stems such as carnations, roses,  lilies, peonies and hydrangea.  Purchase between 8 and 12 fresh flowers to make the hand-held wedding bouquet.

After processing the flowers, place them into a container of water that is clean and sterile. Use a flower sealant to spray the blossoms as an added method of keeping the flowers fresh.

Choose three blossoming flower stems of the same height and use floral tape to wrap around them, covering 1 or 2 inches of the stems.  Ensure  that the tape is placed approximately 4 inches below the blossoms.

Put between 3 and 5 more flowers at the sides, ensuring that they are slightly below the center blossoms and use the tape to keep them together.  This will give the bouquet a slightly rounded appearance.  As an option, sprigs of ivy, statice, smilax, leather leaf or baby's breath can be added to the outer edges and taped into place.

Place the bouquet into a container of 2 to 3 inches of water in order to keep it fresh.  Use floral sealant to spray as an optional boost.

A few hours prior to the ceremony, use appropriate colored ribbon to wrap the entire length or a section of the stems.  Use corsage pins or hot glue to secure the end of the ribbon in place.

Keeping the Wedding Bouquet Fresh

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Keep the stem hydrated by allowing them to remain in water until close to the time when the bouquet will be taken down the aisle.

Prior to the wedding, store the wedding flowers in a cool room and keep the bouquet from freezing temperatures or heat sources.

Avoid using your fingers to touch the blossoms as this will prevent bruising and handle the bouquet with great care.

On the bridal table, strategically place a decorative vase with about 3 inches of water to place the bouquet of wedding flowers for the duration of the reception.  The wedding bouquet will serve as a centerpiece, which looks quite stunning and remains fresh and hydrated.

Sam Moser is a freelance content writer who has written almost exclusively for the web since graduating from the School of Journalism at Ryerson University in Toronto, Ontario. For him, who has been attending different wedding ceremonies, nothing beats the Mississauga florist in flower arrangement.

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Tingting Rimart said...

Once in a while I buy flowers for home decor, and it looks like, these tips are also applicable.

riz said...

me, too. i use to buy fresh flowers for decoration at home. some say sugar is added to the water to make the flowers stay fresh longer. though, i haven't tried this :)

ems said...

These tips are also good if you love to have flowers in your home. I often cut the flower stems each day to prolong its life. Thanks for sharing these trivia, Sis Rose. I will surely help those who are planning to have their wedding especially during summer time.

Algene said...

My mom always makes sure that she buys new flowers every week. She usually does it every Sunday after attending the mass. Thank you for sharing the tips :) I'll let her know about these.

jenn said...

very cool article. my wedding bouquet was red roses and i was amazed on how long it lasted. it was still looking very pretty and red for the next 2 to 4 days. :)

Rcel said...

Great information here sis! Perfect for my vase of red roses given by my hubs last birthday! I want them to stay as fresh as they can be. :D

Jessica Cassidy said...

I do not have a bouquet when I got married 'coz I was married in a civil:-( This is really a wonderful tips on how to save your wedding bouquet :-) would be nice if I get married in the church someday and might preserve my wedding bouquet :-)

mhie@smarlk said...

Good tips, my wedding bouquet was just ordered so I don't know what they do but as far as I remember it stays one week eve the flowers that was decorated in our wedding.

Lainy said...

I only get a bouquet of flowers when there's some really special occasions. I shall remember all the tips mentioned here in this post so that when I get married, I will know how to keep my wedding bouquet last longer :-)

Teresa Martinez said...

These are great tips for all brides especially those who prefer to make their own wedding bouquet. These tips are useful as well for those who wish to preserve the freshness of their flowers a little longer.

Dhemz said...

definitely great tips on how to keep flower bouquet fresh and last a little longer.

kulasa said...

An aunt of mine is into flower arrangement. I used to watch her do so. I am still dreaming of a church wedding and when the right time comes I will most certainly follow what you nicely shared here. Roses will be great, minus the thorns of course. Thanks again for the tips! :)

mai said...

these are useful tips not only in weddings but in any ordinary day where you have to keep the flowers fresh.

papaleng said...

Good tips to remember to keep flower cuts fresh . I also add, a tablet of paracetamol sa water. It helps talaga.

Marie said...

These tips will be really useful for those bride-to-be's. ♥

Unknown said...

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Abdul bari said...

A bouquet of wedding flowers is a very important aspect of the wedding flowers perth, whether it is a grand celebration or an intimate gathering of a few family members and close friends.

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