Monday, January 21, 2013

Rug Cleaning

I mentioned in one of my recent posts in one of my blogs  that I did not like the  item that my daughter as a gift during their Christmas Party.  The main reason of that is  the fact that it is very sticky and  stains the carpet  when you drop some on it which is not good.  That's why I don't recommend that kind of product for kids.  

Talking about rug cleaning, our carpet is due for one this year.    It's time for  us to  pull out the  steam vac from the  storage area and  use it.  For those who  prefer to have a rug cleaning company to do it for you, you can check the Green Choice.  As the name  of the company states,  they use natural and organic products when they do their cleaning services.  Such a great way to have your home clean right?  Not only that your home will b clean, you also contribute to mother nature  for not using  harmful or strong chemicals for cleaning.  Kudos to GreenChoice for doing so.  To find out more details about their services, just visit the link I have provided in this post.  

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Kachederian said...

It is a good way to get some anger out!!

Just Beat the heck out of your rug, it cleans it and you get some anger out!

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