Monday, September 17, 2012

Digital Life

I got a pretty god offer for photo prints so I ordered a bunch of them. I have tons of photos to be printed but I just choose some of them. I also got some free photo album from a network where I am an active member for almost a year now. I still need a couple of albums for the remaining of the photos but I am glad that I got some of it for free.  I am thinking of   turning these photos to cd so I could send it to my  family back home.  It's been years since we last visited  and it still uncertain to when we could visit them again.  It would be nice if my Mom and siblings could see how my kids have grown already.  

I found a website where you can scan your photos digitally.  Scan Digital offers this kind of services which makes it easier for a  photo fanatic like me to find a solution that would  give me  an easy choice on how I could update my family about us.  Aside from photo scanning, they also provide services like  converting your film to DVD and video to DVD.  I am wondering if they could recover a  DVD that has been damaged?  I want to salvage our wedding video that has been damaged when I brought it from the Philippines to here. It would be nice if I could have it like it is new.  I have to find  out about this one.

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