Thursday, August 16, 2012

Photo Addict

If you are a constant visitor of my blogs, you would know by now that I am a photo addict.  I love  posting articles with images that I personally took.  I can express my feelings more when I am  publishing something with photos in it.   I am  not a professional photographer but taking photos is one of my passion.  I would love to  have a proper  training on photography  so I could take  great photos like those professionals who  take commercial stock photos that you could find at  My goodness, looking at the photos available at the said site makes me  want to be a better photographer because they are just gorgeous to look at.  I know that taking  great photos  does not  only consist of having the  best lens or camera but rather  a proper technique and skills on how to do it.   I would love to share one of the photos from that site but  I am  worried of  copyright  issues so I am just sharing below one of my amateur shots that I took from my camera.  

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