Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Golf Clubs, Painting Project, and More

Do you remember these golf balls that I posted on my other blog?  These were given to my kids by our family friend here in the neighborhood.  The couple are golfers and they have  a selection of golf  stuff and accessories displayed at their entertainment area  in the basement.  They have quite a collection  of golf putters that they  accumulated over the years.  I thought I have lost these  balls because I couldn't see them anymore but when I organized my kids  toys at the basement, I found them again.

I am on the process of relocating my home office down the basement but before I do that, I want to brighten up the look of the basement so I decided to paint it  white.  We painted it  like purple-ish pink when we   updated our basement but looking at it, it is so dark.  I started my painting project last  weekend and I haven't back there yet.  I plan to make some progress today though.  Here is the look of my basement, soon to be my gym, office, and  play area for the kids.
I can already see the big difference  after painting one of the  walls.
Wish me luck on my painting project.

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