Friday, August 15, 2014

Twin Cucumbers

I picked some more cucumbers this morning to give to a friend who is craving for some.   I got one that is very unusual, it's a twin cucumber hehehe.
A friend of mine asked me if she can buy some of my veggies from the garden but I told her that I will give her some after all, she is preggy and she's a friend so why sell. To bad, I did not have any more beans so I can only give her tomatoes and cucumbers.
If I harvest  more tomatoes, I will  have to make me some  home made tomato sauce again. It is great to cook with homemade sauce.
If only I know how to make pickle, I would pickle  the cucumber because  the only cucumber plant that I have is giving me so much fruit.

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FX777222999 said...

Cucumber and tomatoes are good, especially for salads. Well, eating raw and peeled cucumber with sat, little vinegar's okay. For pickling cucumber, try to search online.

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