Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Home Decorating

I finally  decided to  put an alternative in order for my curtain to stay up.  I got tired of the velcow getting undone over and over again.  Sometimes decorating my home is such a challenge for me especially if I don't have the right material to use but since I don't have the fund yet to buy the  one that I  need, I have to use what is available.   The good thing is that, I know a  good place to get  those window treatments for an affordable price.      Drapery Rods Direct offer  a huge selection of discount curtain rods and drapery hardware.  

The photo you see on this post is a image I borrowed from the site to  showcase the Drapery Poles by DRD.  The photo also gives me ideas on what kind of  window treatment will I get  next time.  I like the simple and clean look of the setting which is really pleasing to look at.  Right now, aside from curtains we also have  window blinds that's why we have to use this customized wooden  box to  put our curtains around.  It's a pain, so I am  really looking forward to getting rid of this wooden boxes and just use metal rods.  It's easier and it's cleaner to look at.  I also would like to get rid of the window blinds.  The website I mentioned above offers tips on how to find the  right product that you need in  decorating your windows.  Their "How to" center   has a lot of different tips  and ideas that  a homemaker like me could really use as a guide.  So if you are looking for some tips about window treatment,  just  click any of the links I have provided in this post. You may leave a tip or two about the topic  on the comment section.  

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