Thursday, April 26, 2012

Polished Rocks

My husband has these small polished rocks collection ever since he was a kid. He said that he bought this in a garage sale and he managed to kept it. Now, it is Ms. Burrito's collection.
Would you use a flash or no?
A Photo a Day # 117
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7 Smart Readers SAID::

bonz said...

cool rock collection you have there. :)

Little Zoie's Steps
Zoie's Mom

LV said...

My great grandson loves rocks as well. I think most children do. These are a very pretty color.

Al said...

Nice collection. I'd use a flash but I'd bounce it against the ceiling!

Denise said...

I love polished rocks,always have ,always will-Denise

Unknown said...

I love these rocks. I used to have a rock collection. I like the picture with the flash. Love the name of your blog. New follower.

Jessica said...

beautiful rock collection Sis :-) hope Ms. Burrito will takes care of it :-) Dropping by from CC

Unknown said...

That is a cute collection :) Dropping by from Color Connection :)

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