Monday, April 16, 2012

Discount on Disney Tickets

As the summer time approaches, the kids keep asking us where are we going to spend our summer vacation. We had a nice summer vacation last year in Disneyworld and they want to experience it again.  We bought a park hopper last year  so we got to see   four  parks in Disney World.  We did  not have much time to explore  all of the attraction because of time constraints but overall, we had a blast.  Since both of my husband and my friend's husband were former military  men, we got the ticket very cheap.
My husband mentioned that  we could take  the kids to Disneyland  if we go for a major vacation again but I told him that we shouldn't do it this year.  Although we can get affordable disneyland tickets, the  pocket money for  food and lodging  will be a major  concern for me.  I want to  pay off the loan we made when we had our  porch built last year so I want to finish that first  before we take another big vacation.  If your family  is planning to go to Disneyland or Disney World this year, you might want to check out the ink I have provided above.  You can find  discount on Disney tickets from their  website.

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