Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Little Writer

My little man's self confidence boost up now that he can write and read. He is not afraid to go to school anymore so I thinkhe will be ready for kindergarten this school year.
A Photo a Day # 31
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Czjai said...

Smart boy! :)

Czjai said...

Smart boy! :)

Jessica said...

awww! he is very serious with his writing Mommy. Returning the visit from Orange Tuesday.


KM said...

ang ganda ng pilikmata :) excited na ang mommy for mr. burrito's kindergarten year!

visiting you for OT.

magiceye said...

that is great!

anne said...

how old is he again buti pa siya marunong ng magsulat. salamat sa bisita Rose.

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Leovi said...

Yes, beautiful photo, at the beginning of writing.

jared's mum said...

way to go! am sure he will be ready for school in no time! ^_^

thanks for stopping by my blog.

Seow wei said...

I am happy that he get more confidence, my daughter will be going to kindergarden next year.

Gattina said...

I hope he doesn't get Writer's cramps, lol !

Unknown said...

another writer in the family. woot for mr burrito.


sunny said...

hi there, missed ur posts...ur little man is growing so fast, he look so serious with his workbook, grins. This made me miss my nephew.

back to blogging, see you more often!

cHeErFuL said...

wow, that's really nice! i'm sure you're raising a smart and fine boy. visiting late from OT, hope you can visit me back. thanks and have a great weekend! :)

JonaBQ said...

Your mr. Burrito is getting bigger. Thanks for the visit! Sorry I'm late :)

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Shengkay said...

sipag mo mommy..ako din kaya gawin ko rin yung a photo a day ko sa baby blog ko..
Thank you for Joining Orange Tuesdays 34th edition..
37th edition will be open around 8pm today..

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