Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Play Station at the Mall

Originally posted by my husband on April 2, 2009

It is very hard for us to stroll at the mall now that EJ is in his age where he wants to run around everywhere. When we were in the Philippines, the only thing that can keep him occupied is if we put him in a play are like the one in the pictures below. The PlayStation is a saviour. My wife couldn't really enjoy her shopping when all of us goes because we just keep on chasing our son. What she did most of the time is that, she comes back there by herself or sometimes with our daughter, that's when she can really shop.

A Photo a Day # 4
-My challenge to update this blog daily-

5 Smart Readers SAID::

Phivos Nicolaides said...

Shopping with kids in a mall is not the perfect combination!!!

Dhemz said...

hirap talaga mag shopping pag may maliit...:) ang cute nitong dalawa...miss ko ung hairdo ni EJ dati...ehehhee!

yon palang photo challenge sis, iba iba yung host every month...ako lang for this month....sali ka if you have time...:)

Chubskulit Rose said...

Ah ganun pala, dito na lang ako magtachallenge para alang probs hehehe..

nuts said...

quick visit here sis.. i want to join photo a day too..:) waaa.. i really need to update my blog na..

Anonymous said...

Happy Pink Saturday & New Year. Looks like your daughter is enjoying herself a bit more than your son! Probably because he wants to run around, that would be more fun! My mom always said she didn't want her kids running around and hanging out like monkeys. I turned out to be the monkey. I can relate! Jenn

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