Thursday, April 28, 2011

Reading - Nostalgia # 50

Our son turned four this year and we thought of enrolling him in pre-school but it seems that he isn't ready to go to school so we won't force him. These photos were taken when we were still in Korea. He love to read this book that a friend gave to them.
It's so good to see when both of them sit down together and reading. Our daughter knows how to read now and she love to read to her brother. Our son still misses Korea so much. He always tells us to go home in our blue house (the house that we lived in there.)
My wife told me that her Korean student, Ms. Kim emailed her a couple of weeks ago. She tutored her in speaking English because she wanted to work as a stewardess. Ms. Kim became part of our family that even the kids misses her during our last days in there. My wife enjoyed tutoring English when we were still in Chinhae base. She only had two students but she did enjoy teaching them. I often wondered if there's a tutoring company over there because it seems that most of them goes to the base and pay the military wives to teach them English.

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Verna Luga said...

He's the cutest.. true! if he's not ready don;t force him yet.. thanks John for the drop.

Stef said...

I'm a new follower. Your son is just so adorable. Here is my ENTRY.

Gen said...

He is cute indeed.. See you...

mine is here

Dhemz said...

so cute...:) a quick visit!

Mel_Cole said...

I thought you might be settling down in Korea with your family? It seemed to be a good journey you got there and lots of memories shared in your blogs. I enjoyed reading them. EJ is getting so big. :) Reminds me of my little guy who will turn 2 years old this year. Hope you can visit my Nostalgia here.

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