Sunday, September 5, 2010

Covered Bridge

Hello everyone, how's your weekend? We have a mellow weekend, we just hang out at my Dad's place and keep him company. I am glad that tomorrow is a holiday because I have time to watch the "Wall Street" movie. One of my instructors assigned us to watch this one and make a summary about it.

Anyhow, before I talked about the covered bridge, I want to share to you what happened when I went to Blockbuster to rent the movie. I was in the check out when the cashier told me, "Sir, before you can rent this movie, you have to pay for the late fee that you incur last time." I was like "What, what are you talking about?". I haven't rent a single movie since 20 years ago because I was always overseas. Now, I am wondering who is using my account from a long time ago? I have to dig into this to find out. Oh boy, the world is full of crooked people nowadays.
Alright, now back to my post. I took these shots when we went to Hanover Park in PA to meet the parents of our daughter's classmates in kindergarten. it's been so long since I've last seen a covered bridge so when I saw this one, I did not pass the opportunity to capture it.

Have you seen any more of these anywhere? I wish you folks a happy labor day tomorrow!

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Vernz said...

Hi, this is a historic bridge... and love the color too ..

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*♥Shydub♥* said...

Oh really, someone using your name? thats not good, you have to check on it before that person will do something not good. Interesting post

Hey Harriet said...

These are great! I hope you've been enjoying the Labor Day long weekend :)

Hazel said...

Hope the Blockbuster account got sorted out. I haven't been anywhere near a covered bridge either. I like the color of the bridge.

reg said...

I lived in Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick Canada most of my life and covered bridges where such a part of it. It brings back great memories of my youth

Dimple said...

That's a neat bridge, I'm glad it has been preserved.

Jan n Jer said...

Great shots, I love covered bridges, this one is not too far from where I live in Pa.

Eden said...

Beautiful bridge. I haven't seen a bridge like this before. Great photos.

Auntie E said...

Love those old covered Bridges. Great to see it being preserved.
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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos...historic and filled with nostalgia.

Meri said...

Hope you solve the movie mystery. Maybe you can have them require ID on your account before anyone can rent a movie. And thanks for posting the covered bridge for RT. They're few and far between.

Ebie said...

I love covered bridges! We hardly have that here in the Los Angeles area.

P.S. I hope they found you use your Blockbuster account.

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