Friday, September 10, 2010

Ball for Champ

Our dog Champ can tear up a lot of things that we gave him as a toy but lately, we found this rubber ball at the store and we bought him one. So far it's the only toy that lasts for a longer amount of time, he also love it and learned how to throw it in the air and catch it.

8 Smart Readers SAID::

Dhemz said...

wow! that's pretty impressive...buddy can't throw a ball...ehhehehe!

cat said...

You can tell by the look in his eyes that he really loves that ball :)

Eds said...

Aww he's so cute! I really wish we could have a dog as cute as Champ! :)

Stephie said...

Aww, how cute!

Rajesh said...

They love the balls very much. He is cute.

Manz said...

Hard to know where the ball finishes and the dog starts in that photo... lol.


Carletta said...

I think Champ's eyes say come on play with me. :)
Cute shot!

eden said...

Champ is a smart and a cutie. Great photo.

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