Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nostalgia # 11 - Two Years Ago

The series of photos below were taken two years ago when we were about to go to Korea. Rylie grew up in my Dad's home that is why she is very close to him. EJ was just starting to master his walking when we took these photos.
Rylie love helping my Dad do the dishes, that was their favorite bonding time.
I am so glad that my Dad is so loving to all of us. He is the most loyal person I have ever known. He love my Mom till this date.
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♥GossipMama♥ said...

How old was rye in that photo, ohh EJ was a chubby cutie lil guy in that photo, so cute.

Luna Miranda said...

oh, the cute little miss is doing the dishes! adorable photos. i believe kids who grow up knowing their grandparents and other relatives would grow up to be individuals with a strong sense of family. and it's a great thing.

Cecile said...

what an unforgettable bonding time with grandpa :-).

Vernz said...

OMG, they're still babies .. so cute ... hahahah, my children never see their grandpa as they die before they were born.. thanks bro for the drop.

Lina Gustina said...

Love seeing all photos. Wish your Dad good health...

Thanks for dropping by :)

Phivos Nicolaides said...

A sweet and happy grand dad!

By MelCole of PA said...

Nice, very kandid moments :)

Anzu said...

Grand dad smiles a beatific smile.
It makes us smile.

Rossel said...

rylie really loves helping you guys until now. good kid. it's good that your children are close to your dad.

my entry is here...

have a great weekend!

Yami said...

I notice that Rylie loves doing the dishes. :)

You must be very proud of your Dad. He is a very loving Dad to you and Rose and grandfather to Rylie and Ej.

Thanks for the visit John. God Bless you and your family.

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