Saturday, July 24, 2010

Harley and Rylie

Meet Harley, our friend's Golden Retriever. She is a very nice dog and love to play with the kids all the time. These were taken when my wife and kids went plum picking at their backyard.

EJ doesn't like playing with her because she always want to lick him lol. She jumped on him one time and knocked EJ down, after that he doesn't want to play with him.

Rylie on the other hand loves her.
A shadow of the tree from Raccoon Creek will represent my shadow shot Sunday.

Hope everyone are having a nice weekend!

8 Smart Readers SAID::

Sylvia K said...

Great leafy shadow shot, John! Looks like a fun day! Enjoy your weekend!


Anca Pandrea said...

The tree shadows looks so great. I love its symmetry.

Ralph said...

I love Golden Retrievers! Friendly and smiley, they adore attention and seem to love kids. EJ will adapt, figuring out that licking is a sign of affection...

BLOGitse said...

Happy SSS from Casablanca!

Correct link to my blog > BLOGitsePHOTOS

Hey Harriet said...

Nice shadow shot and that dog looks like a real sweetie!

Unknown said...

Beautiful choice for shadow shot, the tree looks fantastic..and I love that dog.

imelda said...

im not much of a dog lover, too. i porefer cats over dogs. i dont like to be licked, too.

Ebie said...

Harley and Rylie are just having a fun play time. I would love to have a retriever, but for now I will just settle with a cat.

Enjoy summer!

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